What You Didn't See From Albany At The PPV

What You Didn't See From Albany At The PPV

I just got back from the Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY. What a day and I am tired as hell so I'll make this quick and let you fans send in other reports. Several thousand fans waited outside (ECW style). The problem was, for everyone who waited 2 hours in freezing cold, THERE WAS NO SOUND! So it was just Coach and Grishum out in the cold with a bunch of pissed off fans.

Joey Styles had one of the loudest pops of the night. Did I just say that?

The Ric Flair-Edge match was decent to open the show.

Both Women's matches were duds and the crowd was not into either.

Big Show-Triple H was decent for what it was. Crowd was into it and had some hard bumps.

The Elimination Chamber had fans cheering mainly for Michaels and Angle. They popped for anything on Cena. Masters/Carlito, anyone could have hit Cena and it would have drawn a pop. The crowd did pop loud when he retained the title though. It's very clear that young girls cheer Cena while men can't stand the guy. Lots Cena Sucks chants. I saw a "Cuck Fena" sign torn up by security.

The crowd was leaving until Vince's music hit. A big pop for Edge winning the title although not nearly as loud as when Cena retained which is weird because the Albany crowd booed him the entire night!

Nothing happened after the PPV as Edge and Lita kissed and celebrated in the ring.

That does it, I'm tired, and it was nice meeting many of you at the arena! Goodnight and we'll meet again tomorrow.