Misc. News: MTV Wrestling Plot, Nicole Bass, Miss Monday Nitro, More

MTV will indeed be picking up the "Wrestling Society X" project as a new series on the network. On 4/11, the network filed for a trademark on the term "MTV Wrestling Society X". What is interesting to note is several workers that the WWE is interested in signing for the restart of ECW including Justin Credible and New Jack signed written deals for the project that have no compete clauses in them.

"Miss Monday Nitro" Pamela Rogers was arrested again for allegedly sending her former student (a now 14 year old boy who she had sex with) sexually explicit videos and photos of herself naked via mobile phone. Rogers was arrested less than two weeks ago after she violated her probation by posting messages to the boy on MySpace.com. She was released on a $10,000 bond shortly there after. After she got out of jail, she immediately tried calling, e-mailing and text messaging the boy several times, in addition to sending him sexually explicit videos and photos. Contacting the boy in any way, shape or form violated her probation, and now she's back in jail. Pamela Rodgers won the 1997 Miss Monday Nitro competition when WCW was in Panama City during Spring Break of that year.

On Wednesday morning, longtime Howard Stern Show guest Nicole Bass called into the show to give an update on her health. Bass stated that she is back in the hospital due to problems with her internal organs.