Backstage News: Orton's Return, JBL's Injury & Title Spoiler


While some within WWE disagreed with WWE s decision to so hastily bring Randy Orton back, the company did so with confidence that he had improved his attitude issues. WWE received good reports from the top-notch treatment center to which it sent the wrestler and deemed Orton committed to returning with an improved attitude. It should be noted that the treatment center purely handled Orton s psychological issues; it had nothing to do with drug use. WWE simply wanted to do everything possible to help Orton better cope in the lockerroom.


Had JBL not been sidelined with his back injury, he almost definitely would have won the World Heavyweight Championship at Judgment Day and gone on to work one of the ECW One Night Stand main-events. The wrestler is currently seeing specialists about his back condition, which might be the result of his cracking a vertebra last year. There is no word on when he will return.