Some of the ECW crew and roster won’t be flown to the TV taping for Sci Fi tomorrow night in Roanoke, VA. In the last two weeks, there have been numerous backstage segments with Paul Heyman talking to a whole room of ECW wrestlers. That apparently won’t be the case this week unless plans change late. One reason for not flying them all out and not being used in the end on TV is strictly budget reasons.

If Sabu looked a little different last night at the Vengeance PPV to anyone, it was for good reason. An airline reportedly lost his luggage after his flight into Charlotte yesterday. A WWE seamstress ended up making Sabu new ring attire on the spot, while Sabu had to borrow ring boots for the event.

As reported on earlier, Kurt Angle hasn’t been a huge locker room leader within the ECW roster and mostly keeps to himself. It is no secret that Angle wasn’t happy about being moved over to the brand, but has done his best to make better of the situation. Angle has been spotted coaching a few ECW veterans that have TV taping related questions such as The Sandman, but that has been about it at this point.