Listing For ECW Extreme Rules DVD, More

Credit: PWInsider

The following is the listing for the new ECW Extreme Rules DVD. The DVD features vignettes with Joey Styles, Tazz, Sabu, Sandman, CM Punk, Kevin Thorn, Kelly Kelly and Big Show.

Match Listing:

Disc 1

Sandman vs. Cactus Jack 7/1/95
Gangstas vs. Eliminators in a cage weapons match 8/24/96
Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Lee scaffold match on 10/26/96 with Coachman & Dreamer doing new commentary on a second track
Sandman vs. Sabu stairway to hell from 1/10/98
Dudleys & Big Dick vs. Sandman & Dreamer & Spike Dudley in a street fight on 8/2/98
Sabu vs. Tazz in a death match on 3/21/99
Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka for the ECW title on 12/31/99
Tables, Ladders, Chairs & Canes with Steve Corino vs. Sandman vs. Credible on 1/7/01

Disc 2

Dudleys vs. Dreamer & Sandman from 6/12/05
Rey Mysterio vs. RVD from 6/7/06
Rey Mysterio vs. Sabu from 6/11/06
Mick Foley & Edge & Lita vs. Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk & Beulah from 6/11/06
RVD vs. Big Show from 7/4/06
Big Show vs. Ric Flair from 7/11/06
Sabu vs. RVD in a ladder match from 8/16/06
Rob Van Dam & Sabu vs. Test & Mike Knox from 9/5/06
RVD vs. Hardcore Holly from 9/26/06