Updates On Chris Masters & Gene Snitsky Moving To ECW

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As previously reported, writer Dave Lagana is pushing for Chris Masters to be moved to ECW. Masters seems to be doomed on RAW for a number of reasons, especially considering that a 145-pound man broke the Masterlock at the "Tribute to the Troops" show after nearly two years of it being Masters' gimmick. He's currently the "geek of the week" on the RAW brand as Triple H and Edge are constantly burying him to writer Brian Gewirtz and the McMahons. Furthermore, the stuff you occasionally see on TV in which he is made fun of (such as Triple H insulting him for losing 50 pounds), the same stuff happens backstage as well. There is a belief that he has potential and that he would be a better fit in the ECW locker room because he's a young guy and it's a young guy locker room. Futhermore, there wouldn't be any big stars there to rib him.

Writer Dave Lagana wants Gene Snitsky to be moved over from RAW to ECW. In recent producer meetings, Arn Anderson and Finlay have been pushing for Snitsky to get a bigger role in the company. However, the problem is that it would make ECW look more and more like a place for RAW and SmackDown rejects. Snitsky has appeared sparingly on RAW since Goldust's release back in June.