More On Striker's Backstage Heat, Kelly Kelly, More

As noted earlier here on the site, Matt Striker continues to have backstage heat in the locker room. The heat is so heavy that as of late he has been changing by himself. Apparently, he just seems to rub people the wrong way. In early November 2005, he received some heat after openly telling some of the road agents that the RAW locker room was better than SmackDown's. When word got back to Chris Benoit, JBL, and Hardcore Holly, the trio were angry to say the least. Also, the late Eddie Guerrero thought he was disrespectful when talking to him once, which infuriated Chris Benoit, who threw Striker's bags out of the locker room and told him to change elsewhere. Even though he was a RAW wrestler at the time, he wrestled in a dark match prior to Smackdown for one show, which was the show in which all of this went down.

Daivari was not brought over to RAW with The Great Khali because WWE officials felt as though that he was a 'distraction' when Khali was in the ring. As noted, Daivari is expected to head on over to SmackDown to compete in the cruiserweight division.

On, Ariel tells the unfortunate tale of the returning Kelly Kelly.