JR On Internet Websites, Cena, Lashley, More

There is a new Power 25 up on WWE.com. Rounding out the top five includes John Cena at No. 1, Bobby Lashley at No. 2, Batista at No. 3, Shawn Michaels at No. 4 and Jeff Hardy at No. 5.

Jim Ross has a new blog over on his official website (www.jrsbarbq.com) where he talks about internet wrestling websites, another Saturday Night's Main Event, Tazz & Joey Styles and more. Here are a few highlights: His opinion of internet wrestling websites: "I don t think everyone in the business is resentful of the wrestling internet. I certainly am not. Everyone has the right to earn a living in a legal and ethical manner and these folks are attempting to do just that. I think the biggest issues are that some times things are printed as news or fact when they are simply rumors. Then people who are affected by these rumors have issues to unfairly deal with. Also, sometimes when things are being held under wraps and purposely not being announced, some sites jump the gun with info that is premature. Personally, I have no grudges with any one and honestly admire the hours of work many put in to their sites. Their hard work should not be ignored." If there will be another Saturday Night's Main Event: "I sure hope that there is another Saturday Night s Main Event some where down the road, but that has not been confirmed to me. If one does occur one would assume it will be prior to Wrestlemania 23. Time will tell." On Tazz and the Tazz/Joey Styles broadcasting team: "I consider Tazz a friend. He is a fan of our sauces and we often talk about college football, as he is a Nebraska fan and of course I am an Oklahoma fan. Tazz could have had a great run in the WWE if he had not been injured early on. Remember, Tazz choked out Kurt Angle on Tazz debut in Madison Square Garden and Angle isn t a slouch. I think Tazz is witty and entertaining and I also think too much is made that Tazz and Joey Styles are not as good as they could be. I don t buy it. They do a damn good job on the re-building of the ECW show, which is obviously a long term, work in progress."