Major Update On The Big Show's Status, Holly's Surgery, More

The Big Show's current contract with WWE expires late this month. He was offered a renewal that was believed to be around the same amount he had on his previous contract (around a $1 million a year downside). However, he turned that down because he was burned out and hurting physically. It should also be noted that WWE offered Big Show a large amount of money to retain his intellectual property rights, meaning he couldn't wrestle anywhere else or get involved in any projects where his likeness was utilized, but that WWE would own the rights to his likeness. Well, he turned that down as well. While TNA isn't considered a likely option at this time, it is an option in the future if both sides were interested.

Hardcore Holly will be requiring elbow surgery very soon, so this explains Snitksy's sudden involvement with Holly's current feud with Bobby Lashley in ECW.