The Real Reason Why The Ladder Match Was Cancelled

PWInsider is reporting that one of the reasons why WWE made a decison over the weekend to pull the scheduled Four Way Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles at the No Way Out PPV this Sunday (a rematch from the Armageddon PPV in December) was because Vince McMahon no longer wants The Hardys and MNM teaming right now.

McMahon wants to keep Jeff Hardy, Johnny Nitro, Matt Hardy and Joey Mercury in singles roles on their respective brands right now and putting them together as a tag team off and on isn't something they would like to continue. Well, we say this now as they could change their mind at any moment seeing how quickly this one was made over the weekend.

It should also be noted that another reason for making the decision was that the feeling internally was that having a Four Way Ladder Match for the tag titles was meaningless, so they decided to put the new Deuce & Domino tag team in the spotlight to challenge Paul London & Brian Kendrick for the titles this Sunday at No Way Out instead. Again, WWE may still put The Hardys and MNM back together in the coming weeks or months, but as of now that is the plan they are going with.