Update On Benjamin's Condition, Test's Firing, More

According to a live report sent into PWInsider, when Shelton Benjamin attempted a spot by jumping off the top rope that saw him trip up and hit the ring instead, the referee turned to the time keeper and reportedly yelled out something. Hardy and Benjamin then quickly finished the match that led to Hardy getting the pinfall. When the match had concluded and the Vince McMahon segment began playing over the TitanTron, Benjamin remained in the ring holding his head/neck with the referee checking on him. Benjamin was then helped to the back with the help of the referee. As of now, it isn't believed that Benjamin suffered any serious injuries. We will continue to follow this situation if anything new comes up.

The announcement of Test's firing from WWE only comes days after it was reported that he was involved in a car accident on Friday and only a few weeks after he was suspended for 30 days for a Wellness Policy violation. We hope to have more on this story very soon.

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