The Sandman & Sabu In Very Rough Shape?, Nunzio, & More News

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that The Sandman passed out at the 4/12 2CW show in Syracuse, NY. He apparently was a mess, was mumbling on the mic, worked a short match, and passed out. Spike Dudley came out to help Sandman to the back. About 100 fans wanted photos with The Sandman, but the promotion announced that there would be no photos. The Blue Meanie then came out and started signing autographs and talking with the fans.

From a fan who attended the show: Hey I wanted to update you about a show I attended about a month ago in Yonkers, NY. ProWrestlingSynicate (PWS) held it's first show in NY, they have had others show outside NY. This night one of event to take place was Sabu vs Sandman. Sabu has been a mess and really injured himself a week or so before for FTW on Long Island. He missed many shows after the event and his life choices have seemed to be down hill. He called in sick and missed to show and never boarded the plane. Sandman would face a named opponent later in the night. Sandman came out for photographs during intermission, did his whole shtick the whole way to the table. After intermission he headed back to the dressing room, you could tell he was lit. PWS had one of the best matches I've seen live with Jack Evans and Teddy Hart, 5 star match, the crowd was buzzing. After this match, Necro Butcher came out and announced he would face Sandman. This was going to be a hardcore fans dream! This match was better then a broken down Sabu. But Sandman was so passed drunk, he was pissed a$$ drunk, eyes blood shot, words were mumbled. I've never seen a bad Necro match, he is the only thing that saved this from being a totally cluster bomb. He made two offense moves and got his a$$ handed to him. In fact Necro had to job himself!!!! Necro took a chair and swung at Sandman, missed and the chair bounced off the ropes and hit him in the head in a 4 min. match! NECRO JOBBED HIMSELF! Sandman couldn't even get the job done, it was sad to see. He had everything together it seemed, cleaned himself up. Let's hope he can get it together, he was in great shape for a man whoses been through so much!!

The latest WWE music CD, WWE: The Music, Vol. 8, is already a flop. In its third week in release, the CD sold 5,897 units and dropped to #113 on the charts. The Music, Vol. 8 has total sales (minus Wal-Mart sales) of 32,257 units.

Nunzio's trainer Billy Robinson, 68, recently underwent hip replacement surgery.

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