We just had him on the WZR Radio show last week and now he's been arrested. I tried to contact Big V earlier but got no response. I'm still awaiting word back from him so I can get his side of the story. This is said to be a serious situation as it appears an assault actually took place on Sunday. I also hope to have him on the radio show next week to tell his side of the story. Things are going to get interesting in WZR Radio land!!

Former WWE superstar Vito Lograsso (also known as Big Vito) was arrested on Sunday in Tampa, Florida and charged with battery for domestic violence. According to the police report, Lograsso was arrested at a home in the Tampa area by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's department. He is charged with battery which means it appears someone was indeed hit during the incident.

Lograsso was released from jail on Monday afternoon. We'll have more details shortly.