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Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Lance Cade's release from WWE this past Tuesday was not something planned and is now being looked at as a disciplinary issue. Jim Ross noted in a new blog that on a recent plane flight, Cade had a seizure and was taken off the plane. Lilian Garica, who was on the flight, made sure he was rushed by ambulance to the hospital where he had several tests done. They found nothing wrong with him. However, whatever it was that caused the problem was enough for WWE to cut ties with him.

One belief is that he could have been the wrong guy on the wrong day in the sense that they just had an issue with Jeff Hardy being removed from a flight and did nothing about it. Whether it was setting an example or they felt they had to let him go remains to be seen. Shawn Michaels was seen as a big proponent of Cade's backstage, which was evident when Michaels put him over on TV a few weeks ago leading into the No Mercy PPV. With Cade's win over Michaels and being aligned with Chris Jericho, it looked like Cade's long-awaited break was finally coming. Cade, who isn't commenting in full on his release from WWE, did say he knows what he did to cause the release, but felt things could have been handled better on both sides. He is now looking at working the independent scene and doing things with his career that he wanted to do before signing with WWE.

It should be noted that Michaels destroying Cade the night after No Mercy on Raw with all the chair shots was not a reaction to him having a bad night on the 9/29 Raw against DX and had nothing to do with him being let go. Cade did work Raw house shows over the weekend in Reno and San Bernardino, going over D'Lo Brown at both events. He was also scheduled for upcoming house shows as well. This just shows that if you're a younger guy and you screw up, best of luck or as they now say - you get future endeavored.

As reported earlier this week, Karen Angle is no longer being used by TNA and the last TV taping was looked at as her farewell from the company. It is possible the company will bring her back. Her profile was removed from the TNA website earlier this weekly only to be re-added. Joesph Price sent us word that her photos were also removed and then re-added to the "TNA Knockouts" photos section of TNA's website.

TNA making the decision to no longer use her largely had to do with her filing for divorce with Kurt Angle recently. There are some conflicting reports making the rounds as to whether or not there was tension between the two backstage. Initial reports stated that they were getting along fine and that no one noticed anything. Recent reports stated that some tension was noticeable among many at recent TV tapings. Either way, it was felt that it would make a better work environment if she wasn't around and the company didn't have any big plans for her anyway.

A long-term storyline was set in place a few months ago of Kurt and Karen finding "new romances" to be used on TV, but when the marriage split up in real life the plans were dropped. While she had been doing the "Karen's Angle" segment on iMPACT! for the last few months, the general reaction among many was that they were not good segments. Adding to the fact that she was no longer married to one of the company's top stars and she was probably one of the highest paid women on the roster, the decision to no longer use her came as an easy decision. Stay tuned to the website for more details as they are the ones breaking this story and posting updates on it on a daily basis.

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