Mick Foley News & Notes, TNA/NASCAR, Creed, Nash, More

Newsday.com is currently running an article with Mick Foley's thoughts on The Wrestler. The story also discusses that Foley went to see Milk, so that he could compare Sean Penn's performance with Mickey Rourke's.

Mick Foley will also be a part of the "Up Front" segment on Michael Landsberg's Off The Record show tonight. Off The Record airs at 6PM ET on TSN in Canada.

TNA Wrestling will be sponsoring the #48 NASCAR Truck for Andy Hillenberg Racing this weekend.

Kevin Nash visiting the Philadelphia Phillies for a cross promotion with TNA was recently mentioned in a posting on MLBBlogs.com.

Macon.com currently has an interview up with Consequences Creed, hyping tonight's TNA House Show in Macon, Georgia.

The NWA will hold their next set of Showcase TV Tapings on March 7th and 8th. The tapings will take place at the CBS Columbia Square Studios in Los Angeles, California. For more information on the tapings, go to NWAWrestling.com.

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