- We go backstage with the Main Event Mafia. Booker is going crazy about AJ taking his Legends Title. Nash is pissed and tells him to snap out of it, it's not about him, it's about the Mafia. Angle talks to Sting and puts down Team 3D, saying they aren't Sting's friends. Kurt says tonight they Mafia will be stronger than ever and asks if they have an agreement. Angle and Sting hug as Sting walks off. Kurt tells Nash to keep an eye on Sting and Nash walks off.

- We cut to a video hyping the match between Beer Money and Lethal Consequences.

TNA Tag Title Match: Beer Money vs. Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal
Out first is the team of Creed and Lethal. Beer Money come out next with Jackie and they're driving a keg on wheels to the ring. That folks is the best moment of this pay-per-view so far. The Champions enter the ring and we get ready to go.

Lethal and Roode start the match off and lock up with Roode going to regroup. Off the ropes and Roode drops Lethal with a shoulder. Lethal gets to his feet and drops Roode. Beer Money call a time out. They trade shots and Lethal dumps Roode on the mat. Storm comes in and Lethal decks him too. Creede is tagged in and they clean house of both of the champs.

Storm and Creed are in the ring now going back and forth. Creed hits a big scoop slam on Storm and takes him down with a head scissors takedown. Creed continues to hit big moves on Storm and tags in Lethal. Roode gets stuck in the corner and they throw Storm into him. They do a spot where Roode's face is buried in Storm's crotch for about a minute. They're disgusted now and break out a beer for each other. Roode accidentally spits the beer in Storm's face. Lethal decks Roode in the ring now for a 2 count.

Lethal pins Roode for a count but Storm breaks it up with a bulldog. Lethal and Storm fight on the floor and Roode brings him back in for a 2 count. Roode is tagged back in now and he gets another 2 count on Lethal. Storm is tagged back in and they nail a big double team move on Lethal. Storm covers Lethal for a 2 count as Creed makes the save. Storm hits Lethal in the gut and takes him down with a chinlock. Lethal runs into a big knee by Storm and goes back down. Roode comes back in and taunts Creed, bringing him in the ring. Storm gets tagged back in and they double team Lethal, suplexing him off the top. Beer Money do their cheer in the ring as Lethal is down. Storm comes back in but Lethal counters the double team and takes them down. Lethal finally tags in Creed, who comes in and cleans house. He dropkicks Storm and nails a big right hand on Roode then a rolling double clothesline on them both. Creed hits a big cross body on Storm for a pin but Roode breaks it up. Lethal beats on Roode in the corner as Creed gets to the top. Jackie distracts him and Storm decks Creed. Storm uses the guard rail on Creed's arm and works it over as the ref is distracted by Lethal.

Storm and Creed are in the ring now and he keeps working over the injured arm. Roode comes in for another tag and works over Creed, going right back to tag in Storm. Lots of tags here by Beer Money. Storm hits a big double underhook suplex for a 2 count. More double teaming by Beer Money. Lethal makes the save and throws Creed across the ring to their corner. Creed tags in Lethal and he comes in to clean house again on Beer Money. 2 count by Lethal on Roode. Roode catches Lethal on the top but Lethal gets the best of him. Elbow from the top from Lethal onto Roode for another 2 count. Jackie runs in and Lethal back body drops her. Lethal covers Roode for a 2 count. Lethal and Creed double team Roode for a close 2 count. Jackie hands Storm a chain and he wraps it around his hand. Storm decks Lethal from the apron allowing Roode to get the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Beer Money