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The opening video package for the event opened. It was interrupted by DX, who "broke" the opening reel. They said "We're Back" and we're off . . .

Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler
Intercontinental Championship

Ziggler dominated the opening moments until Ziggler threw Mysterio into the corner, and he jumped to the top rope and hit a moonsault on Ziggler. Mysterio followed up with a hurricarana on the outside of the ring. Ziggler was able to regain the advantage shortly after and proceeded to dominate the match again.

Later in the match, Mysterio missed a 619 and Ziggler sweeped his leg and hit a running legdrop to get a two count. Mysterio hit a DDT for another two count. He finally hit the 619, but missed the splash. Ziggler rolled him for a pin, but only got a two count again. There's are dueling "Let's Go Ziggler" and "619" chants. Ziggler then got Mysterio in a fireman's carry on the top rope, but Mysterio reversed it into a hurricarana and got the three count. Great opener.

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Rey Mysterio

Josh Matthews interviewed Jack Swagger and MVP backstage. Swagger noted that MVP was an ex-con and called him a stepping stone. MVP said he had made some mistakes in his life, but he's ready to beat Swagger.

MVP vs. Jack Swagger

Both men got no reaction from the crowd. WWE really did a good job of killing MVP's momentum from when he first went to Raw.

MVP dominated the early moments of the match until he went to the second rope and Swagger threw him off. Swagger took control of the match to the crowd's indifference.

The finish of the match saw Swagger run to the second rope and go for a splash, but MVP got his knees up. MVP then hit the drive by kick and followed up with a playmaker to get the clean pin. Both men tried, but some botched spots and lack of crowd heat hurt the match. Kind of took the sails out of the Mysterio - Ziggler opener.

Winner via pinfall: MVP

Luke Perry was shown at ringside.

A video package was shown of the different guest hosts of Raw spliced in with media coverage of the different hosts.

Nancy O'Dell from Access Hollywood was shown talking about her charity, to boos from the crowd. She went on to interview Freddie Prinze Jr. at ringside, who said he'll be back for Randy Orton. O'Dell revealed that she will be a guest host. Prinze got a decent pop from the crowd. He said he's looking for to seeing Cena beat Orton, which got boos from the crowd.

Chris Jericho and The Big Show (c) vs. Cryme Tyme
WWE Unified Tag Team Championships

Jericho and Show came out to new music, which was an improvement from what they had before. Jericho got on the mic and called the celebrities in the crowd hypocrites. He went on to talk about how great he and Show are. He noted that Show was bigger than everyone in the crowd, which means he's better than everyone. That means he's better than Jericho too. He said that Big Show had something to say. Show took the mic and said he got something he had to get off of his chest, but right then Cryme Tyme's music hit and they came down to the ring.

Jericho and JTG started the match. Jericho ended up tagging in Show. Show dominated JTG for a couple of moments. JTG was able to tag in Shad, and the two big men went at it before Show was able to spear Shad to get the advantage.

Later in the match, JTG and Jericho were in the ring again and Shad clotheslined Show over the top rope to the outside. Jericho was able to get the walls on JTG. JTG managed to fight his way to the ropes, but was met with a big punch from Show which led to Jericho getting the pin.

Winners and STILL WWE Unified Tag Team Champions: Chris Jericho and The Big Show

CM Punk did a promo in the back.

The Great Khali vs. Kane

No surprise, a lot of botched spots here. And no surprise, this match sucked. Khali looked even more immobile than usual.

At one point, Kane went for a chokeslam, but Khali reversed into one of his own but Kane escaped. Khali clotheslined Kane and mounted him, but only got a two count. You could hear a pin drop in the crowd. This match was put on the card, but Kofi was left off?

Khali later hit a chop on Kane, but got a two count. He cinched on the Khali vice grip, but Kane grabbed Ranjin Singh and brought him into the ring. With Khali distracted, Kane hit a dropkick on Khali's knee and then a DDT to get the pin to thankfully end this atrocity. They got about seven minutes, and that was way too long.

Winner via pinfall: Kane

They showed Vince McMahon's star on the Hollwood Walk Of Fame. Slash and Robert Patrick were shown at ringside.

We know DX vs. Legacy won't finish the show tonight because, well, it's up next.

D-Generation X vs. Legacy

DX's music was a little revamped, at least the opening. An army jeep came out with a bunch of guys dressed up like troops. They started shooting these machine guns at the ceiling and then ran off. Then DX came out in a tank, which was pretty cool.

DX had about a ten minute intro, but the crowd was into every minute of it. Probably the best ring intro this year, at least since WrestleMania. It was anti-climatic when Legacy came out.

Triple H started the match with Dibiase, with "The Game" overpowering Dibiase. The Game did a crotch shot and hit a knee, which led to Dibiase tagging in Rhodes. Rhodes went and cheap shotted Michaels in the corner, which led to HHH tagging him in.

Michaels and Rhodes went at it for a bit, and Michaels actually didn't make Rhodes look like a jabroni. Michaels still got the better of the early exchange, but Rhodes managed to get in some offense.

Legacy was able to gain control and dominated much of the match. There was a cool spot where Rhodes was outside of the ring. In the ring, Michaels ran the ropes towards HHH, who backdropped Michaels outside of the ring onto Rhodes.

Legacy continued to dominate the match, with HHH playing Ricky Morton (even though he's larger than Dibiase and Rhodes).

The end of the match saw Rhodes go for an HBK flying elbow off the top rope onto Michaels, but Michaels rolled out of the way. Michaels then went to the top rope, but Rhodes blocked it and went to superplex Michaels off of the top. Michaels was able to knock Rhodes off and went for the flying elbow, but Rhodes was able to block it. Moments later, Michaels was able to recover and get a figure four on Rhodes, but Dibiase was able to break it up. HHH went for the pedigree on Dibiase, but Rhodes was able to save him.

HBK went for sweet chin music, but Rhodes caught his leg and caught HBK in his "crossroads" finisher, but HHH broke it up. HHH hit the pedigree on Rhodes, but Dibiase came in and broke it up. He hit "Dreamstreet" on HBK, and HHH took Dibiase out of the ring. In the ring, Rhodes and HBK got up at the nine count and HBK nailed a quick superkick to get the win. Really good match, made better with DX making Legacy look strong, unlike their match with the Spirit Squad at SummerSlam 2006.

Winners via pinfall: DX

A promo for the NBC WrestleMania 25 special aired.

Christian (c) vs. William Regal
ECW Championship

Regal came to the ring with Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson. As soon as the match started, Christian hit the killswitch and got the win. Kozlov and Jackson proceeded to beat the crap out of Christian, and Regal got him in the Regal stretch.

Winner and STILL ECW Champion: Christian

Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena
WWE Championship

From the crowd response during the intros, you'd think Orton was the babyface and Cena was the heel. The crowd response, at least early on, is lower than that of the DX match, which was to be expected, and the Mysterio match.

Cena tried some mat wrestling early, which didn't look pretty. Orton went on to control the opening minutes of the match. Crowd is not getting into this match like they should be for a world title match on a major show. There were dueling "Let's Go Cena" - "Let's Go Orton" chants, with the guys going for Orton and the kids and women chanting for Cena. As the match went on, the booes for Cena got louder.

At one point, Orton hit a big DDT on Cena for a two count. Orton then started revving up for an RKO, but Cena wasn't getting up so Orton changed gears for a punt. He missed the punt, and Cena hit a bulldog. As Orton was getting up, Cena climbed to the top rope and hit a flying leg drop on the back of Orton's neck for a two count. He got Orton up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Orton held onto the top rope to block it. They proceeded to double clothesline each other.

Back on their feet, they traded blows with the crowd doing the 'YAY' - 'BOO' chants, booing Cena and cheering Orton. Cena hit a back bodydrop on Orton, who knocked the referee down as he was getting up to get himself disqualified. As Orton was heading to the back, Lilian Garcia said that Cena was the new WWE Champion, which was an obvious mistake. She then said that she was informed that Mr. McMahon re-ordered the match to be restarted, and if Orton got DQ'd, he would lose the title.

Orton took control as the match restarted. When Cena was down, Orton grabbed his belt and went to the back to get counted out. Mr. McMahon re-ordered the match to be restarted, and if Orton gets counted out again, he'll lose the title.

The match is restarted and Orton quickly rolls up Cena with his feet on the ropes to get the three count. Another referee came to the ring and explained that Orton had his feet on the ropes. The match is restarted for a third time.

Cena quickly gets Orton into an STF. A fan came into the ring and jumped on the referee, which was a plant. The "fan" was taken to the back, and the match was restarted again. This time Orton hit a RKO and got the three count. Overbooked, but the match was still fun with all the restarts.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Randy Orton

Jeff Hardy (c) vs. CM Punk
World Championship TLC Match

Funny, that even though there was over an hour left after the ECW title match, with how long Cena - Orton took, there's only about 15 minutes left for this match.

Punk took control early and nailed Hardy with a chair outside the ring. He immediately went for a ladder to get the belt, but Hardy ran in and knocked Punk off of the ladder.

Late in the match, Hardy put Punk on a table outside of the ring. Hardy climbed to the top rope and came off with a splash, but Punk rolled out of the way. Punk then brought a large ladder into the ring and started to climb it, but Hardy jumped over Punk to reach it. Punk then got Hardy on his shoulders while on the ladder for a GTS, but Hardy reversed it into a power bomb off the ladder.

Hardy started to climb the ladder slowly, allowing Punk time to recover. Hardy was able to touch the belt, but Punk was able to tip the ladder over and Hardy landed in the corner. Punk got Hardy on the ropes and climbed to the top, and hit a superplex from the top rope onto a ladder which had to hurt both of them like hell.

Hardy was able to hit a twist of fate as soon as he got back up, and climbed to the top rope. He went for a swanton, but Punk got his knees up. Punk followed up with a knee to Hardy in the cover. He then went for a bulldog, but Hardy lifted him up and dumped him outside of the ring through a table.

Hardy started the climb again, but Punk came off of the top and nailed Hardy to stop his ascent. He got Hardy out of the ring and tied Hardy's neck in a chair and went to through him into a corner, but Hardy blocked it and used the chair to wail away on Punk. Hardy then started to get the ECW announcers table ready for a table spot. He landed a couple of more chair shots on Punk, laid Punk on the announcers table and then hit him on the head with a chair.

With Punk laid out on the announce table, Hardy grabbed a ladder on the outside, and climbed to the top. This was a big f'n ladder, Hardy looked to be 20 feet high. Hardy then did a swanton from the top of the ladder through Punk.

A bunch of officials ran in to check on Hardy. They brought out a stretcher for Hardy, and put him on a gurney. While this was happening, Punk got in the ring to go for the belt. Hardy got off the gurney to try and stop Punk. Punk and Hardy both started the slow climb up the ladder on opposite ends. They fought at the top of the ladder. Punk kicked Hardy in the ribs and knocked Hardy off the ladder, then grabbed the belt to win the match. Great match, and Hardy looked like an ultra babyface in losing.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: CM Punk

As Punk celebrated, the lights started flickering and the Undertaker's music hit. The lights went out, and when they came back on, Taker had replaced Hardy on the mat. He got up and chokeslammed Punk. His music played as the show went off of the air.

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