WWE Open To A Danielson Return + Tattletale Backstage

As noted before, the reason being told for Daniel Bryan's release is because of him choking Justin Roberts with his own tie during the NXT invasion angle on RAW.

Word is that someone very important complained to WWE officials about the angle with the idea that kids who were watching may think it's fun to choke people with their ties. It's unknown who actually complained but it had to be someone with a lot of power within the company or TV network.


Bryan is being described as a scapegoat by many. It should be noted that Heath Slater nearly did the same thing to John Cena with the ring ropes during the same angle on RAW last week. Randy Orton was also bashed with a door by Edge several weeks ago.

According to a source, WWE does want to bring him back to the roster once the whole thing blows over. We'll keep you posted here on the website.

On a side note, it's highly amusing to read some of the comments posted below on these Bryan Danielson posts. Some of you fans are just so smart.... or think you are! :) Relax, just playing! Have a good weekend guys.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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