Dark Match:

* Tyler Reks defeated an unknown wrestler. This guy may have been from FCW or something.

SmackDown, Airing This Friday:

* Kane defeats Chris Masters in a non-title match for the opener. Kane wins the match after a Tombstone. Actually a good match. Kane cut a promo on Undertaker after the match and has a challenge for Taker tonight that he can't refuse.

* Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre beat The Hart Dynasty in a non-title match. McIntyre gets the win with the Futureshock DDT on Tyson Kidd.

* Undertaker sat in the back.

* Backstage with CM Punk and Luke Gallows as Gallows takes out Punk. Punk vs. Gallows is announced for later tonight.

* Alberto Del Rio attacks Christian backstage and injures his shoulder.

* Chavo Guerrero beats Kaval with the Frogsplash. Very good match, not sure how it will play out on TV but it was the best of the night so far.

* Alberto Del Rio comes out and replays his attack on Rey Mysterio. Mysterio will return to SmackDown next week for a match with Del Rio. Christian comes out but Del Rio ends up making him tap out. Del Rio further injures Christian's arm on the ring post.

* Big Show beat Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer in a squash.

* Backstage interview with Jack Swagger. Hornswoggle and Croft/Baretta stole his jersey and put it in a moving box for SyFy.

* They showed Undertaker in the back looking forlorn.

* New WWE NXT announcer CM Punk pinned Luke Gallows with the GTS.

* MVP defeats Dolph Ziggler by count out in a non-title match. Kaitlyn and Vickie came out with Ziggler and ended up fighting at ringside. Vickie and Kaitlyn leave and Dolph leaves the ring himself to be counted out.

* Kane comes out to cut a promo on Undertaker. He says the fun has just started and he wants a match at Hell in a Cell. Druids bring a casket to ringside. Kane opens it up and Paul Bearer sits up. The lights go out and when they come on Taker is in the ring. They brawl and Taker gets the upperhand. Kane leaves and Taker kneels to Bearer to end the show.