After we posted a story on Taz’ recent Twitter comments, he returned to Twitter and commented with the following:

“My sons football team lost their championship game today in OT…THATS what Taz is unhappy about! So if I post, “thats it, Im really pissed!”- than the wrestling internet should post (ASSUME) that its work related? Friggin sh** stirrers. I guess I have nothing else in my life except my career w/TNA? I really could care less. Just mk sure u watch TNA on Spike every Thurs 9p est! Did I NOT say here 3 days ago that Im working on something that hasnt been done in the biz before?!? But they dont report THAT! Why?”

Taz also posted several ‘tweets’ three days ago about “working on something that hasn’t been done in the wrestling business before”:

“Working on something that hasnt really ever been done in wrestling biz before. Some of u could benefit from it…Im 60% there. Stay tuned.” He then noted shortly thereafter that he doesn’t like to tease things online like others, but admitted he was now guilty of it.