Jim Ross Blogs: HBK/Rock/Austin Returns, TLC, Heenan

Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at https://www.JRSBARBQ.com/ Here are the highlights…

On HBK, Stone Cold Or Rock Wrestling Again: Emailer...no I never expect to see HBK, Rock, or Stone Cold wrestle again. Could all three make WWE appearances some day? Sure.

On The TLC PPV: Anxious to watch WWE's TLC PPV live from the arena in Houston this Sunday night. Looking forward to seeing many, old friends. No...I'm there to help out, provide support but won't be announcing and I'm fine with that.

On FCW Talent: Really optimistic about the talent level in FCW and hope over time that many of them evolve and elevate to the next level. IMO it takes 3-5 yrears to become a main event level star and that time frame is arguable. Some might do it quicker while others will need more time. Best part of my work month is working w/ the younger talents/rookies.

On The Bobby Heenan DVD: The Bobby Heenan DVD is a classic on a classic. Best, three skill talent ever. Brought back great memories and laugh out loud funny.

Be sure to check out the full blog at https://www.JRSBARBQ.com/


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