Batista's Twitter Hacked, Gaspard On Stereotypes Cryme Tyme Portrayed, Fedor Vs. Hendo

-- Shad Gaspard was on Hit the Ropes Radio last week to talk about his comic book series Assassin & Son and his wrestling career. Here are some excerpts:

On rumors of Cryme Tyme possibly doing other angles but not coming to fruition: "Everybody in wrestling gets promises. We all get promised something, whether it's from a trainer, an agent, anything. If you come into this business you're always promised all these good things. And pretty much if you get one percent of that, you're doing pretty good. So out of 100 promises, if you get one, you're doing pretty good. Because a lot of guys don't even get one promise."

On the stereotypes Cryme Tyme may have portrayed: "We're two kids from Brooklyn, who were thrown on TV and told have fun. So that's what we did. Nobody said, 'go out there and be blacker.' This isn't Hollywood Shuffle. They didn't say, 'Hmm, I want you to be more blacker.' No, nobody said that to us. They said you guys go out there and try to do this and try to get the crowd behind you. And we said, 'Okay, we'll try.' And we didn't try. We did. We had fun with ourselves. When you take yourself too serious you become a stick in the mud."

The entire show can be heard here with Gaspard coming on around the 77-minute mark.

-- In what Strikeforce President Scott Coker called "one of the best fights in Strikeforce history," Dan Henderson defeated Fedor Emelianenko via TKO this past Saturday. has video of the full fight, which you can check out by clicking here.

-- In this day of alleged "hacked" Twitter accounts, it appears that Dave Batista was a legitimate victim. Some spam bot posted an advertisement for male enhancement drugs on his Twitter account, you can check it out below:


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