John “Bradshaw” Layfield, who was notorious for being abusive towards his co-workers during his WWE tenure, went off on a rant against former colleague Marc Mero Sunday night on Twitter.

“If Johnny B Bad had sucked it would have been an improvement!” Layfield wrote regarding Mero, who he worked with from 1996 to 1998. “Mero absolutely sucks as a wrestler and human being. Sorry to u fans of his.”

He continued, “Sorry, can’t describe in 140 characters why Mero is a POS. No one who knew him sticks up for him-that should tell u something.”

The posts have both since been deleted.

It should be noted that in June and July 2007, Mero commented on the Chris Benoit murder-suicide, appearing on numerous cable news programs and criticizing both the wrestling industry and WWE. His comments drew the ire of WWE employees such as Ken Anderson, who labeled him a “goof” and a “silly bastard”, and Dave “Fit” Finlay, who claimed Mero had “nothing to do with this business.” Mero now works as an inspirational speaker in Orlando, Florida and heads the non-profit organization Champion of Choices, Inc. According to his Facebook page, he is the “happiest person on the planet.”