Breaking News: Brock Lesnar Retires From UFC

From Mark Wayne of

You knew what kind of fight it was going to be when Alistair Overeem stuffed Brock Lesnar's first takedown attempt with ease. Lesnar came to fight, no question, he cut the Dutch striker over the eye with a stiff left and put forth his best effort to fight back as Overeem began to take the fight's momentum.

Overeem walked through the shot and ignored the blood, stalking Lesnar down and going to work with hard knees and kicks to the body. Lesnar was on his heels but clear-eyed and returning fire, but Overeem wouldn't be denied. He came forward relentlessly and continue his body assault, eventually dropping Lesnar with a hard body kick and finishing him off with a torrent of right hands to the head and then body.

With the impressive first round TKO, Overeem earns a shot at UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos and a chance to finally collect his most sought-after title.

In defeat, Lesnar chose to hang up his gloves, having made a promise to his family to retire from the sport soon anyway. Humbly, Lesnar announced his retirement in the cage.

"My hat's off to Alistair Overeem. I wanna take my hat off to all my training partners, my wife, my family. I've had a really difficult couple of years, with my disease. I'm gonna officially say, tonight is the last night you'll see me in the Octagon," Lesnar announced emotionally. "I wanna thank everybody. I wanna thank the Fertittas, Dana White. Brock Lesnar is officially retired, I promised my wife and my kids if I won this fight I would get my title shot and that would be my last fight, and that if i lost tonight - everybody, you've been great. Alistair, it's been a pleasure."

Lesnar, a former UFC heavyweight champion, retires with a 5-3 record.


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