Ted DiBiase Profiled By ESPN, Cena/MGK, SD/Social Media

-- Ted DiBiase was interviewed by ESPN about his "DiBiase Posse" pre-show events in his attempt to build a fan base like Zack Ryder did with his Youtube show. Dibiase said: "It's just starting to catch on; it was just kind of a slow build, and hopefully it continues to catch on. I wonder if I could have the biggest international tailgate party ever at WrestleMania. I bet we could set some kind of Guinness World Record."

-- WWE SmackDown's Social Media score went up 21%, making it the highest score of the year. The show earned a 66,057 activity score, up from 54,621 last week. Smackdown's "Popularity Score" stayed the same at a high-level 75 percent.

-- WWE has released this new hype video for John Cena with Machine Gun Kelly's "Invicible."


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