AJ Lee On Current Storyline With Dolph Ziggler, Yoshi Claus On Santino's Latest (Video)

- WWE live events resume next week on the East Coast on December 26th. The Detroit News has an interview with AJ Lee about next Wednesday's RAW live event from the Joe Louis Arena. During the interview, Lee discussed her current storyline with Dolph Ziggler.

"Every time a chapter closes, I keep thinking it's over," said Lee. "I'm grateful and prepared for it to be the end of the road, and for me to disappear or something. But I don't, and then something really cool happens. So I'm going to keep that attitude, because it seems to be working."

Lee also discussed 2012 being a "Cinderella year" for her and more, you can read the full article by clicking here.

- Here is the latest episode of Santino's Foreign Exchange, featuring Yoshi Claus:

Greg Alexander contributed to this article.


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