Thanks to readers @taychapman and Charles T. for sending in these results from last week's Impact Wrestling taping in Tulsa, OK:

Attendance was poor and people were being moved to fill the TV viewing area. They were constantly moving people to be in the TV zones and it felt like they had to bribe the audience with backstage passes to cheer. I'm all for backstage passes, but it felt weird.


* Kazarian pinned Sam Shaw

Impact Wrestling (10/17)

* The show opened with AJ Styles saying that Bully Ray can't keep him down. It was hard to hear what he was saying, the audio was poor.

* Robbie E defeated Christopher Daniels, Hernandez and Eric Young in a fatal four way after Robbie E pinned Daniels.

TNA President Dixie Carter President said that there would be a World title match contract signing tonight. Bully Ray came out and said that for 50K, he'd ride the Dixie train all night. Magnus comes out and challenges Dixie's change of heart and challenges Ray to a match tonight. Bully says that Magnus is nothing but disappointing and Magnus knocked him down.

* Samoa Joe defeated Chris Sabin via submission. After the match, Austin Aries attacked Joe, and then Jeff Hardy hit the ring and attacked Aries. Hardy brought out a ladder, but was stopped by Sabin. Manik ran out and attacked Sabin and AA off a ladder.

AJ Styles cut a promo about becoming the new Champion. Aces & 8's hit the ring to attack AJ, but Gunner and James Storm made the save.

* Gunner defeated Knux via pinfall.

Kurt Angle cut a promo. E.G.O. came out and Bobby Roode said that he used to idolize Angle, but Angle ruined his Hall of Fame moment. E.G.O. then attacked Angle and left him laying.

* TNA World Champion Bully Ray defeated Magnus. Bully was about to use a chain when Sting came out. Sting grabbed his hand and held it so the referee could see it, but as the ref was distracted, Bully low-blow kicked Magnus and got the win. Magnus and Sting argued after the match.

They had a contract signing between Bully Ray and AJ Styles. They argued for a bit before signing the contracts. Bully then attacked AJ, and both men started to brawl. AJ then cut a promo on Dixie and said that he was giving her a gift from everyone, and proceeded to pull his middle finger out of his pocket.


* Joseph Park defeated Jessie via submission.