Ring Of Honor TV Report (11/2): AJ Styles Vs. Matt Sydal, Mark Briscoe

- Matt Sydal opens the show backstage and says he's happy to be back in RoH. He calls out AJ Styles and says he's facing everything he's afraid of, and he's experiencing a rebirth.

Mark Briscoe vs. Caprice Coleman

The two accept the Code of Honor and go at it, with the two trading headlock takeovers. Coleman hits a couple of arm drags and the two play to the crowd. Briscoe is fed up with mat wrestling and goes on the offensive with strikes before clotheslining Coleman out of the ring.

Briscoe goes for a Cactus Jack elbow but Coleman moves out of the way and lands his version of the "one inch punch," which doesn't hurt Briscoe until he gets to the apron. This gives Coleman the chance to hit a springboard moonsault, which gets him a two count back in the ring.

Briscoe makes Coleman eat boot while in the corner. These two are working really slow and soft, honestly. Coleman with a weak looking STO for 2, and Briscoe gets up and hits a series of chops before slamming Coleman to the mat. Coleman gains the advantage by connecting with three Northern Lights Suplex but only gets two. Briscoe connects with a rolling Samoan drop but gets caught with a huracanrana from Coleman.

Coleman goes up top and meets more chops from Briscoe, followed by an exploder suplex and Cut-Throat driver. The two shake hands after the match

Winner: Mark Briscoe

Nigel McGuinness is in the ring and asks Tommaso Ciampa in the ring. Ciampa comes out and McGuinness tells him to listen and explains that Ciampa was suspended due to attacking officials. McGuinness says that Ciampa pologized and will be reinstated next wek with a zero tolerance policy.

Ciampa agrees and says he is understands, but Nigel lets him know he has to start at the bottom. Ciampa doesn't agree, and the two argue, as Ciampa says he wants an RoH title shot.

Jay Briscoe comes out ready to fight, not happy Ciampa is disrespecting Nigel. Refs get in the ring and split the two up.

Michael Bennett, Adam Cole, Matt Taven, and Maria Kanellis-Bennett make their way to the ring and attack Jay from behind while the officials care more about making sure that Tommaso Ciampa is escorted from the ring.

Mark Briscoe comes out and attacks Cole, but the rest attack Briscoe.

- BJ Whitmer is talking to Adam Page and Whitmer says he's learned from the entire Decade, and tonight is giving Page the same opportunity.

Bob Evans and Cheeseburger vs. Adam Page and BJ Whitmer

Bob and Page start out, and Bob works the arm as Page has to punch his way out. Bob goes right back to the arm and then lands a body slam before tagging to Cheeseburger.

Cheeseburger immiediately gets hit with an elbow, as Page and Whitmer make quick tags and work him over. Cheeseburger tries to fight back, but the 120-pounder's strikes aren't doing much. He's slammed face first into the mat, but still makes a big tag to Bob Evans, who plants Page with a Bulldog, followed by modified arm bar.

Whitmer breaks up the submission and Cheeseburger and Bob hit the Supersize. It doesn't finish Page though. Evans is lured from the ring and Page lands a reverse piledriver for the pin.

Winners: Adam Page & BJ Whitmer

After the match Page hits another modified piledriver on Cheeseburger.

AJ Styles vs. Matt Sydal

The two lock up and trade a couple of holds, but neither man can gain a clear advantage. Sydal is told to make a clean break, but instead throws a head lock take over. Styles breaks out, comes off the ropes and the two avoid each other with leap frogs and drop downs until Styles grabs a head lock of his own.

Styles switches to an arm ringer, but Sydal flips out of it, applies his own but is almost caught in a crucifix by Styles. Sydal kicks out and the two stare each other down as the show goes to commercial.

Coming back from the commercial and Styles is punishing Sydal with a sick combo of backbreakers, which ends in an Orton style one that starts from a fallaway slam lift. Styles hits his signature springboard forearm and a bow and arrow hold, but can't get Sydal to tap out.

Styles tries to suplex Sydal but it's blocked and Sydal comes out of nowhere with a crucifix pic slam. Styles almost catches Sydal with a reverse DDT, but Sydal reverses it and hits Slice. Sydal goes to work with leg kicks until Styles checks one.

Sydal hits a huracrana that sends Styles outside and looks to jump outside but Styles catches him with a strike before he can. Back in the ring Styles destroys Sydal with a pumphandle gutbuster and a reverse powerbomb but only gets a two count.

Styles puts Sydal on the top rope, but is elbowed and then Sydal comes off the top with a double knee press to the chest for two. The crowd is going nuts as Sydal connects with a big corner clothesline, and places Styles on the turnbuckles. The two struggle and Styles looks like he's about to hit the Styles Clash from the top, then again on the mat but Sydal fights out.

Sydal counters with a big kick and goes up top, but misses the Shooting Star Press!! Sydal tries to block the Styles Clash, and Styles drives his head right down in to the mat before finishing the match with Styles Clash.

Winner: AJ Styles

Credits roll as Truth Martini goes to talk to Evan Bourne.


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