Vince Russo Joining Wrestling Company In 2015

Vince Russo, who wrote for WCW, WWF during the Attitude Era, and—most recently—TNA, announced via a December 19 video statement that he will join International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom as the company's "Executive In Power" in 2015.

"Officially, I'll be taking over on January 1," said Russo. "But I have had a firm hand in booking the matches that are going to take place on the Weekend of Champions, January 10 and January 11 in Tonbridge. This monumental event will be my first-ever appearance in the United Kingdom."

IPW:UK confirmed Russo's announcement via their official web site.

"LONDON, ENG (December 19, 2014) - effective as of January 1st, IPW:UK are proud to announce the signing of the world famous Vince Russo to take over control as the Executive In Power of International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom (aka, IPW:UK)."

The first match signed for the Weekend of Champions show pits U-Gene (Nick Dinsmore) versus Grado. Grado participated in Season Two of TNA's British Boot Camp.

2015 will be the eleventh year of operation for IPW:UK. According to their website, the promotion has featured Daniel Bryan, Drew Galloway and Samoa Joe in years past.


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