Sabu Addresses Reports Of Blood, Feces And Needles In His Hotel Room

ECW legend Sabu appeared on Another Wrestling Podcast this week to address the reports that he trashed a hotel room paid for by Pro Wrestling Syndicate with blood, feces and urine.

Sabu laughed off the situation, while also trashing the talent PWS wanted him to put over.

"It's funny as hell, and the truth is not as good as what he made it sound like," Sabu said, laughing about the rumors. "They wanted me to put over their fatass Japanese prick that I've never heard of. I'm sorry to say he's a nobody, but he is."

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Sabu went on to say that the PWS promoter Pat Buck wasn't charged for the hotel room, he was. He also said Buck blew the situation out of proportion.

"I had a dog and it made a mess," Sabu explained. "There were no needles. There was blood because, you know, I bleed and that's the way it is. I didn't bleed all over the place. I bled in the bed, and I bled on the shower curtain, but they made it sound like I murdered someone in that room and sacrificed my dog. That sounds great, but it's not true."

You can listen to the full podcast above.