Norman Smiley On Dusty Rhodes, Divas Revolution & NXT, Xavier Woods & Neville Talk Trash

- Featured above, WWE Superstars Xavier Woods and Neville trash talk during a not-so-friendly game of Rocket League, on the UpUpDownDown video game channel.

- Wrestling legend and long-time WWE trainer Norman Smiley recently conducted part two of his two-part interview with The full interview is at this link. Below are a few highlights:

Working with Dusty Rhodes:

"Every Wednesday night I would go to the Miami Beach Convention Center and watch Dusty make magic and drama in the ring. Never in a million years did I think I would work with the man himself. I worked with him for the last eight years of his life, and boy, could he light up a room. He was so charming, charismatic, and quick-witted and he knew how to be a star. Even long after his days in the ring, he carried himself like a star and would not be treated any other way. He would say anything at any given time that only he could get away with, especially in meetings."

Thoughts on the 'Divas Revolution' after training the WWE Divas for years:

"Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Bayley and Becky have turned heads in NXT and have made a tremendous impact. They all worked so hard to challenge themselves and improve. I know that they are inspiring a lot of young girls all over the world to become Divas in the future. [Coach] Sara Amato has been an incredible addition to NXT to work with Divas. Sara has international experience and has a positive vision of how the Divas should perform. As a coach, I am so proud of them all. The good news is that we have many more Divas who are training hard and have a ton of passion to better themselves. The future for the Divas looks very, very good."

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Norman also discusses a variety of other topics, including:

* Getting his start in wrestling
* Training under Dean Malenko's father
* Wembley Arena
* Does he miss competing in the ring?
* Wrestling Cesaro
* The growth of NXT and the WWE Performance Center


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