** SPOILERS ** WWE Main Event Results For This Week

Thanks to Tim Howell and Kalli for the following WWE Main Event spoilers from tonight's tapings in Philadelphia:

* Kevin Owens comes to the ring for a promo and says he should be Superstar of the year because of everything he's accomplished. He names being NXT Champion, beating John Cena, becoming Intercontinental Champion, beating Chris Jericho and everything else. He starts yelling at Byron Saxton for talking about something else and being disrespectful on commentary. Jimmy Uso gets up from commentary and they have words but Owens leaves.

* Owens vs. Uso is announced.

* Paige vs. Naomi with Tamina Snuka is next. Lots of chants for Sasha Banks. Naomi gets the win via pinfall.

* RAW replays on Seth Rollins and Kane.

* Kevin Owens defeated Jimmy Uso after kicking out of a Samoan Drop and hitting a pop-up powerbomb.


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