CM Punk Says He Is "Confident" Ahead Of UFC 203, Coming To Beat Mickey Gall

Whether he is just trying to promote the fight or hide his concern, CM Punk has handled himself for the majority of "fight week" like a seasoned MMA competitor. Punk, a former WWE champion, will make his debut inside the Octagon Saturday night at UFC 203 opposite Mickey Gall.

"I'm just trying to enjoy this week," he said during a pre-fight press conference. "I'm trying to do everything I can to remain healthy. Right now, I'm cool as a cucumber. I've stated before that I'm sure I'll have pre-fight butterflies, but I'm actually looking forward to feeling that again. They've been gone for a long time, I'm glad they're back."

A heavy betting underdog, Punk isn't concerned with those that doubt him. He has been training with several top MMA stars under the watchful eye of Duke Roufus at Roufusport in Milwaukee for well over a year now.

"Fans should expect a fight. This is MMA it's chaos," he said. "I'm coming in to win. I don't care how it happens. There are a lot of victories already here, but the goal is obviously to get my hand raised. If you think anything but that, it doesn't matter how hard you've trained because you've already lost."

Punk will join a short list of fighters competing in their first MMA match in the UFC, which includes former boxing world champion James Toney. He has a message for those that do not believe he should be in such a high-profile spot.

"I belong here and my team belongs here," Punk said. "I'm confident in my preparation. To me, it's never too late to start something. If you think otherwise, I'm sorry your dreams are so small."

Wrestling Inc. will be providing complete coverage of CM Punk-Mickey Gall and the rest of the pay-per-view main card Saturday night from UFC 203.


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