Spoilers: WWE NXT Tapings For Tonight

Join us tonight for our live Viewing Party at 8pm EST.

* The Authors of Pain defeated Rich Swann and No Way Jose in a Dusty Classic match. Paul Ellering interfered at one point (taped at a live event)

* Ember Moon defeated Rachael Evers in a quick match with the O-Face

* Before DIY vs. The Revival starts, Scott Dawson comes out on crutches and says he's suffered a severe knee injury and that if he were a normal jamoke like DIY, he'd be crippled, but since he's who he is, he'll be fine. He wants to compete, but at the advice of his doctors, they're pulling out of the Dusty Classic. Dash says they're saving DIY from embarrassment and giving them a gift to the next round

* The Authors of Pain come out before Gargano & Ciampa can leave and attack them, but DIY clears the ring and Authors retreat

* "The Drifter" Elias Samson makes his return to thunderous heat. He sings a song on stage before his music hits and he makes his way to

* Samson defeated Nathan Cruz in a squash. Huge heat for The Drifter

* SAnitY defeated Kota Ibushi and TJP in the quarterfinals of the Dusty Classic. Good match. Fulton & Wolfe worked over TJP until he got the hot tag to Ibushi. Ibushi hit the powerbomb, but Eric Young and Nikki distract the ref. Fulton lays out Ibushi and they hit their double team for a clean pin on Ibushi


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