Current NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Tim Storm, spoke with Rolling Stone on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

How long he’ll be champion:

“I know very little, truthfully. In a way I kind of admire that because they don’t want to make a commitment that they’re not going to follow through on. That’s the whole purpose of Billy Corgan’s 20-year plan. So, along those lines, I haven’t been told a month or a year [about the length of the title reign].”

When news hit that Billy Corgan bought NWA:

“The easy answer is: One big question mark. I learned about it just like everybody else did. There was just a big question mark. This was a surprise to everybody, and I had guys contacting me throughout the day saying, ‘Is this true? This is what I’ve heard.’ There was a lot of chaos. I just kind of sat back and watched and for the most part, my attitude has been ? even with the big question mark ? however this goes, I’m going to handle this as professionally as I know how to handle it. And there have been some situations where people have tried to do some things that I considered fairly dishonest. No matter how much money some people have offered me, I’m going to do what’s right for the NWA and what’s best for the world title.”

Turning down big pay opportunities to drop the title:

“There were some people out there who would’ve like to have won [the NWA World Heavyweight Championship] and were willing to pay a lot of money for that opportunity. There were some people who wanted me to take bookings in places that weren’t good for the NWA for a lot of money. I could’ve done well for a couple months, but in the big picture it would’ve been very unprofessional for me to do that. I represent the legacy and the history of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. … That or, ‘I tell you what, I’ll pay you to come in and wrestle this guy for the world title and let’s see how that works out,’ with the kind of wink-wink of if I lose, he’s the World Heavyweight Champion. There’s always a little temptation with money, but it was absolutely the wrong thing for the legacy of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Rolling Stone