Backstage News On WWE Pulling Brock Lesnar From RAW, Lesnar Surprise UFC Drug Testing

We noted back in late July that Brock Lesnar had been subjected to his first drug test since re-entering the USADA (US Anti-Doping Agency) pool. Lesnar is expected to return to the Octagon to face UFC Heavyweight & Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier in 2019.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Lesnar has already been subjected to three surprise drug tests. Lesnar has dropped a significant amount of weight and has been doing hard fight training already. The idea is for Lesnar to train at 270 pounds, much lower than what he was at during his original UFC run. This also leaves little weight to cut to get to 265 pounds, which is what he was last billed at by UFC.

As noted earlier this week, word going around WWE is that the door is open for Lesnar to return to the ring once this UFC run has wrapped. Lesnar is said to be done with WWE for now, but officials would love to have him back. Lesnar was advertised for RAW this past Monday night, but never appeared. It was reported in The Observer that Lesnar was pulled from RAW because they couldn't come up with creative ideas for him that made sense since he had no more matches left on his deal or matches to build.


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