Becky Lynch On How Charlotte Flair And Sasha Banks Helped Her Acclimate To NXT

Becky Lynch turned on her long-time friend Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam this past weekend. Lynch and Flair are no strangers to each other in the ring and they are close friends outside of the squared circle. The Lass Kicker recently spoke to CBS' In This Corner before her turn about her relationship with Flair and how The Queen helped Lynch upon arriving in NXT.

"It was actually from the get-go," Lynch said when asked about when her friendship with Flair started. "She's so lovely, you know? We have the same kind of interests, the same kind of life like we're always going to the gym and you know, eating a whole lot of food -- it probably started there. She's very easy to get along with, she's very down to Earth.

"I came in there, she's been there a year ahead of me. I hadn't wrestled in seven years so my confidence was kinda down. It was something I really had to rediscover, you know? I felt like one of those girls from -- you know everyone's so glamorous, right? I walk into this place and I'm frumpy as can be. I didn't know that people had fake eyelashes and fake hair, all these kinds of things... you find out down the line."

Lynch had taken a seven-year break from the professional wrestling business due to suffering several injuries. She focused on acting and graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology, and then professional wrestling called her back when NXT offered her a spot. She felt like a fish out of water when stepping into the WWE Performance Center, but Flair and Sasha Banks were there to help her adjust to her new work environment.

"[Flair] and Sasha [Banks], they really helped do a little bit of a She's All That kinda transformation on me -- I'm not saying that I'm all that. But you know what I mean. They really looked out for me and they saw that I loved this and I wanted to do well and that I was gonna work hard. They really put me under their wings and made me feel comfortable and it was a big help in finding my confidence in the ring.

"So from that, we were close when we were in NXT, but not as close as we were when we got on the main roster."

Lynch's main roster arrival saw her in a stable called Team PCB with Paige and Flair. The team initially had a different name, but it didn't last long. It turns out WWE's initial attempt at donning them as "The Submission Society" took on a wildly unintended connotation.

"Well, it wasn't any of us, I'll say that," Lynch said while laughing about who came up with their original name. "I think we heard the name and we all kinda looked at each other... and I don't think it lasted a full day before it was, 'nope, you're not that anymore!"

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