Becky Lynch Talks Her Honest Opinion Of Charlotte Flair Being Added To Her WWE SummerSlam Match

Becky Lynch was interviewed by For the Win as she prepares to compete against WWE SmackDown Live Women's Champion Carmella and Charlotte Flair for the title at SummerSlam. As Lynch explained during a recent promo on SmackDown Live, it has been two years since she has won the Women's Championship, and she vows to relive that experience again.

Regarding SummerSlam, Lynch shared how much it means to her.

"It feels like the culmination of everything that I've worked for. Starting with the women's revolution, which three years ago we had that three-on-three-on-three match, and that was our first major pay-per-view," said Lynch. "To be able to come from that, I did not do anything last year I remember sitting in the back being so upset. Having worked as hard as I possibly could last year and feeling like nothing had really happened and I didn't get any benefit from it. From that to this, being in there again with Carmella and then my best friend, knowing that I have a lot to prove. I feel like it's a big moment."

Lynch explains how she is preparing for an opportunity to become champion for the second time.

"I just try to get centered, you know," Lynch said. "If I can, I do some yoga in the morning. I try to write about how I see the match going and then really visualize it and I'll generally do that the night before. I'll write it, how I want the match to go, what I want the reaction to be, what I want people to take away from it."

A few weeks ago, Charlotte Flair returned to SmackDown Live and defeated Carmella to be added to the Women's Championship to make it a triple threat match. This created a bit of a rift in Lynch and Charlotte's relationship as best friends, but they were able to team together on the latest episode of SmackDown Live in a victory against Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Lynch does admit that she was not happy when Charlotte was added to the match.

"To be honest it was a disappointment, because when she was gone I really feel like I worked my way through the roster, beat everybody I possibly could, and then she shows up," said Lynch. "It really felt like it was going to be my moment and my time to shine. Her being in the match, yes it's great and great for her, and it's always great to share the ring, but you know, I wanted that to myself."

On July 23, Stephanie McMahon announced that there will be an all-women's pay-per-view, Evolution, scheduled for October 28. Lynch commented on the backstage atmosphere since the announcement.

"I think everyone just wants to prove themselves," said Lynch. "Everyone wants to go into that as champion, but only one person's going into that as champion, and we know who that is, right? I think everybody is excited, and I think they look at is as an opportunity to really showcase their skills and really highlight themselves. I think we just want to steal the show."

Lynch also added that she has near gear prepared for SummerSlam, and she has also heightened the discipline in her diet and done more CrossFit training in preparation for Sunday.

Source: For the Win


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