Billy Corgan Talks Negative Fan Reaction To Roman Reigns, "A Lot Of Wasted Talent" In WWE

Roman Reigns was earmarked for success in WWE and he has been positioned for quite some time as the next face of the company. Some fans resisted Reigns comparing the heat he gets from crowds to that of John Cena, the previous face of the company until Hollywood and Cena's celebrity status created more opportunities outside of WWE.

Billy Corgan approached the Reigns controversy from a different perspective as he discussed the subject on Busted Open Radio. Corgan said he doesn't get any heat off Reigns, but instead, he can see the potential The Big Dog possesses based on his look as a starting point.

"I like watching Roman Reigns, I mean I don't get the heat on that," Corgan said. "To me he's a classic A-level -- look at the guy. He looks good on a poster, I mean start there. It's like five years ago all the heat was on Cena or whatever.

"It's that same kind of weird heat. Like we're going to pick one guy that we're gonna bang up on because he's either too good looking or he's... you know what I mean? I just don't get that."

WWE's list of Superstars is growing all the time and Corgan spoke about the depth of their roster and how WWE uses their workers. For people to complain about how WWE is using Reigns, they must first admit that he is a talent to begin with, bringing up an interesting dilemma for some fans.

"It's mindboggling the level of talent that's out there," Corgan continued. "My argument would be and maybe this is a better way to attack the question, I see a lot of wasted talent [in WWE]. Like, talent not being booked properly.

"So that's maybe the bigger argument and Roman is that maybe people are arguing that they're not booking his talent, but you have to start by acknowledging that he's a talent to complain about the way he's being booked which is kind of weird. It was always the thing against Cena, right?"

Corgan declined to answer when Busted Open co-host Bully Ray asked which WWE talents he felt were wasted and could be assets to the NWA.

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