Carmella Is Not Thrilled With Charlotte Being Added To SummerSlam, Mick Foley On Kane, WWE Network

- Above, TMZ caught up with Mick Foley and asked for his thoughts on Kane becoming the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Foley thought his friend would do a great job and said Kane always had an interest in public service.

"Well, I'm really happy for him, I think he'll do a great job," Foley said. "I think he's taking a pay cut, unless he can continue to do his WWE activities, but he's always been interested in public service. [He] always, always had a thick non-fiction book in his hands on every flight, in the dressing room, and he's a very wise man. A caring person and I think he'll do a great job in Knox County."

- Here are next week's new additions to the WWE Network.

* Monday - Table for 3 featuring Natalya, Nia Jax, and Beth Phoenix (following Raw)
* Tuesday - New 205 Live (10pm ET)
* Wednesday - New NXT (8pm ET)
* Thursday - WWE Collections Spotlight on The Miz: A-Lister and The Collection of Jericho (8pm ET)

- On this week's SmackDown, Charlotte defeated Carmella and was added to the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship match at SummerSlam that already involved Becky Lynch. Carmella has been tweeting her displeasure of the new addition to her title match (note: audio is loud on the video below).


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