Impact Wrestling Results (8/9): Impact World Title Match - Austin Aries Vs Eddie Edwards

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- On last week's show: Allie and Kiera Hogan defeated Su Yung and a Bridesmaid, The OGz won a squash match, and Desi Hit Squad pulled out a victory over Fallah Bahh and KM. Grado and Joe Hendry's partnership continued to unravel and the main event saw oVe lose an action-packed contest against Pentagon Jr. and Fenix.

The show kicked off this week with a backstage brawl between the OGz and LAX. The OGz got the upper hand during this brawl and then LAX took control. It was brutal and it looks like they were battling through a coat checking area of the building. There were coathangers flying everywhere.

The fight spilled from one room to the next as these two teams tore each other apart. LAX took chair shots and finally, people showed up to try and break up the fight, but they were in a stairwell so the OGz easily took care of their pint-sized backstage staff. This is where it ended for now.

Desi Hit Squad vs Taiji Ishimori and Petey Williams

Gama Singh introduced the Desi Hit Squad and got heat from the crowd by just talking. Petey was obviously the most over out of everyone because of the Canadian crowd and they sang along with his theme song which is the Canadian national anthem.

Ishimori got a chance to shot off a little before Petey got the tag and hit a codebreaker and side Russain legsweep on Gursinder who followed with a move of his own after they traded a little back and forth action.

Rohit got the tag and Gursinder stuck around to hit a few double-team moves. They cut the ring in half on Petey as "Canada" chants broke out from the crowd. Rohit Raju kept the pressure on Williams until Gursinder took the tag and Petey started to fight back a little bit and Ishimori got the tag and hit a springboard dropkick on both members of Desi Hit Squad. He followed that up with another move on both of Gama Singh's men. Then Taiji pinned Rohit for a two count while "Bone Solider" chants broke out in the crowd.

Ishimori hit a shotgun dropkick followed by a Canadian Destroyer from Petey and a modified DDT from Taiji on Rohit for the win.

Winners: Petey Williams and Taiji Ishimori

- Pentagon Jr cut a promo which you can view below:

- Allie cut a backstage promo saying she wanted a match against Su Young next week. She doesn't care about a title match and told Su Yung to leave her title a home "just bring your *ss." Then Kiera Hogan spoke up and said she can bring Tessa Blanchard too.

- They aired a segment that displayed Eddie Edwards' descent into madness and his repeated attacks on Austin Aries.

- Austin Aries cut a promo about Edwards next and asked what happened to Edwards. The man Aries once knew is not the man he's stepping in the ring with tonight. Aries said he's the Impact World Champion for a reason and guaranteed that he will come out on top.

- Grado and Katarina were backstage with Joe Hendry who reminded Grado of all the people who used to pink belly him until Joe stopped them. Now Hendry is going to make things better yet again by defeating Eli Drake. Then Katarina and Hendry left together with Grado following saying he wanted to go get macaroni.

Alisha Edwards vs Tessa Blanchard.

This was not a pretty match for Alisha. Tessa backed her into the corner and Alisha did hit a couple forearms, but Blanchard soon lifted Alisha up into a press slam and sent Alisha in the ring. Josh Mathews said it's like Lebron playing against high school players.

Blanchard followed by another punishing throw for a two count and then she hit a clothesline but kept her arm connected and Alisha tried a backslide, but Blanchard didn't like that so she kicked Alisha in the face and landed a stiff forearm to the back. "This has become a mugging," Mathews said.

Blanchard continued to pick Alisha apart, but she kept kicking out after Blanchard pinned her. Alisha moved out of the way causing Tessa to hit nothing but the robes and then Alisha sent Tessa's face smashing into the mat but she couldn't recover for a pinfall in time. Alisha hit a tilt-a-wirl DDT for two count and Tessa looked angry.

Blanchard caught Alisha and sent her down into the mat and then she hit a hammerlock DDT for the win.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

- After the match, Tessa cut a promo on Allie and said the only thing Allie cares about is herself and the Knockouts Championship. She's coming after Allie if she's going after Su Yung and the Knockouts Championship.

- Matt Sydal cut a promo on what the X Division Title represents and he might have lost the title but he will carry on its spirit. He said he doesn't have a problem with anybody and he will finally open everyone's third eye.

- They plugged Chris Jericho's Rock n Wrestler Rager at Sea

- A throwback segment for the GWN between Petey Williams and Chris Sabin in the finals of the X Cup was next. Sabin won the match and won a big trophy when Kevin Nash suddenly jumped Sabin and beat him around the commentary table. Then Big Sexy destroyed the trophy and busted Chris wide open with a broken piece of the trophy before putting him back in the ring and hitting a jackknife powerbomb. Nash said size matters and left.

- KM and Fallah Bahh were backstage and KM was upset about how Bahh didn't listen to him last week when Scarlett walked by and said they were looking good... suddenly they lost track of what they were arguing about.

- Scarlett walked into the room with Impact management and we get a point of view shot with only the hands of the executives showing. They said they were giving Scarlett her own show called "Fantasy Island," but Scarlett suggested, "The Smoke Show." So that will happen next week.

Matt Sydal vs Pentagon Jr.

Sydal and Penta traded taunts in the middle of the ring until Matt got things started with a headlock and then Pentagon got up to apply a headlock of his own and he shot Sydal off the roped who came back with a flip, but Penta nailed a kick to the torso.

Penta hit a clothesline followed by a kick to the head and a sunset flip pin that Sydal stepped out of and into a bridging submission. Sydal stomped Penta's back but Penta came back and returned fire with two sling blades that sent Matt out of the ring. As Pentagon was going for a dive, Sydal went under the ring and came out on the other side. Pentagon went under the ring after him and Matt hit a running boot on Pentagon as he came out from under the other side.

Sydal continued to abuse Penta outside of the ring with some stomps as Pentagon Jr. tried to beg off and crawl away. Pentagon Jr tried to get back in the ring, but Sydal hit a sliding kick that sent him flying outside the ring once more. Sydal got in Penta's face and said he's fearless before running into a superkick from Penta.

Pentagon Jr. chopped Sydal's chest, but Matt came back with a kick from the apron and a running double knee drop to the floor.

Sydal maintained control of the match, but Penta kept kicking out of every pin. Matt placed Pentagon on the turnbuckle and landed some forearms until Penta escaped and hit a kick and a backstabber off the middle rope for a two count. As Penta argued with the referee, the crowd chanted, "break the arm." So Penta grabbed Sydal's arm and tried to break it but Sydal rolled through and hit a pinning bomb for a two count.

They traded chops in the middle of the ring and Sydal hit a running knee but Pentagon hit a superkick and a Pentagon Driver for another two count. Sydal hit a slash to Pentagon's back for a two count and Penta hit another superkick and climbed to the top so Sydal hit a standing rana and climbed up for a shooting star press, but Penta turned it into a pinning attempt. Then Pentagon hit the Fear Factor for the win.

Winner: Pentagon Jr

- Sami Callihan was showed on the screen and he wasn't happy about Pentagon Jr. He said one of oVe is going to shave their head and they had ten seconds to decide. Then Jake said he would do it so Sami told Dave he was getting his head shaved instead. Sami told him to take one for the team and then he told Jake to shave Dave's head. So he did because it's for Ohio, by Ohio and they're a family.

- LAX came out to the ring and they didn't look happy. Konnan cut a promo saying they beat the OGz in a 5150 Street Fight and they're looking for The OGz tonight after getting jumped in the back.

King showed up in the balcony with the OGz telling Konnan to shut up. Konnan called King a "walking talking glory hole" which got some "glory hole" chants from the crowd. King said they have LAX's title. He said LAX won a battle, not the war. He said they crucified LAX and they set LAX up.

Konnan stalled for a second while the crowd chanted loudly. Then King invited LAX to take their battle to the street. Konnan said he knows the streets and there's only one group that runs the streets and it's LAX. King said "the OGz are the streets," and Konnan said they can't stop a revolution.

- They aired a segment with Jimmy Jacobs talking about Kongo Kong's feud with Johnny Impact. Jacobs said he was trying to save Impact the trouble of getting beaten again. Jacobs said he's a good guy capable of very bad things. He said he Impact wants the monster, he's got the monster. "But Johnny, be careful, I am the monster."

Austin Aries vs Eddie Edwards - Impact World Championship Match

They started things out with some back-and-forth wrestling until Aries invited Edwards to bring more. Eddie hit an overhead throw on Austin but he didn't follow up. Aries slapped Eddie and then Aries left after Eddie asked him to shake his hand. The crowd started chanting, "shake his hand," but Aries refused.

Nothing happened during the commercial break because Aries wanted nothing to do with Eddie. Aries returned to the ring and Eddie went outside then Aries went for a suicide dive, but Edwards nailed him with a forearm and while Aries was out cold, Eddie stole a handshake.

Eddie punished Austin around the ring for a bit and had a bit of fun with the camera. They moved back to the ring and A Double started begging off until he landed a knee to the gut and tried for a brainbuster, but Eddie countered. Eddie went out of the ring and Aries finally landed a successful dive on the challenger.

They moved back inside the ring and Aries continued his assault, but Eddie wouldn't stay down. Aries slapped Eddie's chest and Edwards asked for another, but Aries hit in in the face instead and Eddie hit a blue thunder bomb but couldn't get the pin. Eddie hit a forearm in the corner and then chopped Aries down for a two count.

Aries countered Edwards into a rana and Edwards hit a double underhook driver for a two count as Impact Wrestling chants broke out. Aries was placed on the top rope and he fought Eddie off and hit a powerbomb for a two count and transitioned into a Last Chancery until Eddie bit Austin's finger.

Aries grabbed his title belt and moved into the ring. The referee tried to convince him otherwise so Austin gave him his title. Eddie almost got the win with a small cradle. Austin tried for a backpack stunner, but Eddie blocked it. The referee was knocked down by Eddie when he was up on Austin's shoulders. Then Aries went outside again and got his title.

Aries tried to hit Eddie with the title, but Eddie ducked and hit a DDT for a pinfall and the crowd chanted to seven but there was no referee. Eddie got the kendo stick and he hit the referee. Then Aries hit Eddie with a low blow, but Edwards reversed out of a brainbuster and nailed Aries in the head with the kendo stick.

Eddie mounted Aries in the corner and choked him with the kendo stick as Killer Kross came down and grabbed Edwards to hit a Doomsday Saito Suplex on him. Then Aries hit the brainbuster and the referee woke up just in time to count to three.

Winner: Austin Aries

- After the match, Kross got in the ring and placed his calling card in Edwards' jacket before shoving him out of the ring. Kross stood behind A Double and they posed together to end the show.


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