Impact Wrestling Results (8/30): New Champion Crowned, Top Star Turns Heel

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- On last week's episode: The main event of the evening was a Mexican Death Match featuring Pentagon Jr. and Sami Callihan which saw the oVe leader getting the win. There was plenty of build-up to tonight's ReDefined show and The OGz feud with LAX is far from over after a child was run over in the middle of their turf war.

The had a couple cool video packages before the show got started.

Fenix vs Brian Cage - X Division Championship Match

These two started off fast and Cage hit a 6-1-9. As they continued, Cage's power and athletic ability kept Fenix in his control. Fenix tried to get a comeback, but Cage caught him out of midair and slammed him down for a two count.

Fenix tried for another comeback, but Cage sent him flying over the top rope to smash against the entrance ramp. Cage tried to powerbomb Fenix, but he reversed into a jumping cutter. Fenix rolled Cage back in the ring and hit a swanton, but Cage kicked out at two.

Cage ducked to miss a kick and then returned with one of his own and a move that started as a torture tack and ended with Fenix's head being driven into the mat. The crowd was chanting "Fight forever," as they continued.

Fenix hit a double stomp for another two count and then Cage caught Fenix and nailed an F5 for a two count. It looked like Cage was superplexing Fenix to the floor, but Fenix countered and hit a double stomp to Cage's back and then Fenix went for a suicide dive when Cage caught him in a suplex and dropped him on the outside.

Fenix came back with a flurry of kicks and flips as he used the ropes to his advantage, Cage then positioned Fenix on the turnbuckle, but Fenix kicked him and Cage grabbed him and set Fenix up for a top rope powerbomb that nearly broke Fenix in half for the win.

Winner: Brian Cage

- After the match, oVe rushed the ring and beat down the Lucha Brothers. After taking a moment to decide what he was going to do, Brian Cage jumped in the ring and cleared oVe and Calihan, but Sami was able to escape safely.

- The crowd was chanting, "We Want Jericho," and Mathews took extra special time to listen to the chant.

- Josh Mathews said that Little Richie will be okay after being hit by a car last week. We see the OGz and King said the kid had it coming because he was in a war zone. Then King got a phone call and he told Homicide and Hernandez to not say anything before he left.

- Tessa Blanchard cut a promo backstage about pressure and her family's pro wrestling history.

- Eli Drake came to the ring and he brought out the two enhancement talents from last week. Their names were Mr. Atlantis and Brandon Tidwell and Eli made the crowd cheer for them.

Then Drake wanted a match against Tidwell.

Eli Drake vs Brandon Tidwell

This match didn't go very well for Tidwell and he took a Gravy Train for the loss.

Winner: Eli Drake

- Eddie Edwards and Moose can't wait to get their hands on Austin Aries and Killer Kross

Su Young vs Allie vs Tessa Blanchard - Knockouts Championship Match

These three women started off trading shots with palm strikes and elbows and then Blanchard and Su were down so Allie hit a double elbow. They moved from one spot to another seamlessly as Allie took the fight to Su Young and Blanchard took a little breather. Allie took Su off the apron with an elbow and Blanchard hit a cutter for a two count.

The three soon had each other in submission holds until Allie grabbed the bottom rope and broke everything up. Allie took some elbows to Su and Young beat her down before taking off her dress and climbing to the top rope. Blanchard press slammed Su onto her bridesmaids and screamed, "I'm the next Knockouts Champion!"

Allie started taking Tessa down with clotheslines and suplexed her into the turnbuckle for a two count. Allie hit a Superkick and then Su got Tessa in the mandible claw. Allie fought Su off, but then she took the claw too. Suddenly, Tessa grabbed Allie and rolled her up using the tights and got the win.

Winner and NEW Knockouts Champion: Tessa Blanchard

- There was a scene where Gama Singh hunted down Desi Hit Squad and beat them with a broom for disgracing his name.

- Killer Kross and Austin Aries cut a promo backstage about their upcoming match against Eddie Edwards and Moose.

- LAX was backstage and they're happy about shutting down the OGz and getting their titles back but they were still upset about Little Richie.

The Smoke Show

Grado brought Katarina and Joe Hendry to The Smoke Show and there was fighting from the start. Joe said he's written some music that will explain everything. Then there was some petting from Scarlett to Grado and he ran off with Katarina wondering what just happened. She told Katarina tp keep her mitts to herself and not to come between her and her boys.

Petey Williams vs Rich Swann

Swann started off with the spot where he tricks his opponent into dancing, but Petey didn't buy into it. Petey hot Swann against the ropes and landed a dropkick before Swann popped up to eat a code breaker for a two count. Petey ended up on the outside and he pulled Swann to the floor.

Swann hit a head scissors takedown and a kick for a two count. Swann tried to do something off the turnbuckle, but Petey popped up and countered with a couple quick moves and a side Russian legsweep for a two count. Williams locked in the sharpshooter and Swann got to the ropes.

Swann reversed a Canadian Destroyer and hit a powerbomb for a two count. Swann missed a Pheonix Splash and Petey tried a Canadian Destroyer but it was reversed. Then Swann hit a standing shooting star press for the quick win.

Winner: Rich Swann

- Rich Swann said he wanted the X Division Title and Matt Sydal said he wanted to help him open his third eye. Suddenly, Moose was found laid out backstage with his match up next. Killer Kross' calling card was laying next to Moose as he was laid out backstage.

Austin Aries and Killer Kross vs Eddie Edwards

The bell sounded and the match started as a handicap match. Eddie fought Kross off the best he could, but KK soon manhandled him and slammed him down.

Aries took the tag and damaged Eddie further. The heels tagged in and out efficiently as the kept the pressure on Eddie Edwards. It was a very one-sided matter as most would suspect.

A Double nailed a stiff flying elbow in the corner before Eddie countered with a backpack stunner, but there was nobody for Eddie to tag at all. Eddie tried to fight off Aries and he knocked Kross off the apron, and then Eddie hit Aries with a blue thunderbomb. Eddie got distracted, but he countered A Double with a brainbuster that sent Aries to the floor. Eddie dove on Aries and they both went crashing against the guardrail.

Kross naled an overhead throw on the floor to Eddie and there was a lot of impact (no pun intended). Eddie countered a brainbuster and hit a Tiger Bomb, but he couldn't get to the tag.

Suddenly, Moose came to the ring with his head bandaged up and he got in the corner. Killer Kross jumped off the apron because he didn't want the tag after Moose entered the match. Suddenly, Moose let go of Aries and he speared Eddie Edwards.

This was all a big swerve on Eddie and a heel turn for Moose. Now Austin Aries looks like the leader of a new heel stable as the crowd chanted, "You sold out!"

The heels ended the night looking happy as the Pilmanized Eddie Edwards' neck with a chair shot while he laid against the ring post. Alisha Edwards came out and slapped Moose and he backed her up before the heels posed together while Alisha took care of her battered husband.


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