Koko B. Ware On Why He Feels Vince McMahon Inducted Him Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

Koko B. Ware was the latest guest on Why it Ended With Robbie E. In addition to speaking about his botched tombstone from The Undertaker, along with other topics from his WWE career, Koko spoke about leaving the WWE on bad terms.

Regarding his release, Koko explained how he had an acrimonious relationship with Vince McMahon after he began to weed him out following a bar fight that ended up leading to Koko beating up a WWE executive after originally just trying to peacefully separate the confrontation that was provoked by Shawn Michaels.

Koko argued with Vince after he realized that High Energy (his team with Owen Hart, which was created by Bobby Heenan) was starting to dead end after being primed to become WWE Tag Team Champions, and they chose to turn Owen heel and feud with Bret instead.

Vince told Koko that weeding him out was "the nature of the business," and "he would fire his mother" if he had to. Koko feels that his Hall of Fame induction was Vince's way of apologizing to him for letting him go.

"I guess he might have said, 'well let's put Koko in there,'" said Koko. "Instead of coming and saying, 'Koko, I'm sorry,' you know, 'well let's just put him in the Hall of Fame and give him a little money.'"

For his Hall of Fame induction, Koko received $5,000 and a ring. While he was not happy with the way his WWE career ended, he "cherishes" his Hall of Fame ring.

"But that's the only thing I got out of it," Koko added. "Now, somebody else, whatever somebody else said they got out of the Hall of Fame, I don't know. But I got five thousand dollars and a ring for the rest of my life."

Koko stated that in the year when Tito Santana was inducted in the Hall of Fame (2004), he was told that the monetary gift was $10,000. Koko has only been contacted once since being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009, which was a WWE event shortly following the ceremony in Memphis. He confirmed that he was not contacted by WWE regarding the 25th Anniversary of Raw.

If any portion of these quotes is used, please be sure to credit the Why it Ended podcast with the h/t of Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: Why It Ended with Robbie E


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