Kurt Angle On Dean Ambrose Returning To RAW, Wrestling Again In WWE, Goldberg, SummerSlam

Earlier in the week, Kurt Angle did another fan Q&A on his Facebook page. Here are some of the highlights:

What was your reaction to Dean Ambrose returning to Raw?

"Dean is so talented. Knowing he is back makes my job easier. I love his new look. He is jacked, and ready."

Who do you think will win at SummerSlam in the WWE Universal and Intercontinental Championship matches?

"Roman [Reigns] should win, he deserves it. Seth [Rollins] should win since [Dean] Ambrose has his back."

What did you think of Titus O'Neil sliding under the ring at the Greatest Royal Rumble?

"I never laughed harder, it was perfect. Titus had fun with it too. He's not afraid to make fun of himself. Love that guy!"

Why didn't you ever have a match against Goldberg?

"It just wasn't in the cards. I feel it would have been a great match, but Goldberg and I never had the chance of clashing, so I never thought about it."

Do you enjoy your role as Raw General Manager?

"Yes. It has its challenges. But, I enjoy wrestling more. Hopefully I will get a chance soon. You never know."


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