LAX Reveal Where They Want To Take Their Feud With The OGz Next

LAX was victorious at Slammiversary and retained the Impact Tag Team Championships, but The OGz spraypainted their titles and took them anyway. The two teams are involved in a bitter feud with a lot of history behind it as they continue in their television storyline.

The Impact Tag Team Champions recently took part in a media call where they discussed how their on-screen characters relate to their own personal experiences. Ortiz and Santana have both been through trials down the road that brought them to Impact Wrestling. It's not just a gimmick for LAX and they credited their success as a team to portraying characters with such a personal connection.

"I would say it's us, it's who we are," Santana said when asked why the reboot of LAX has seen such success. "We're not being put in the position to play a role or a character that we cannot relate to it, it's who we are."

Ortiz seconded Santana's remarks and discussed how the gimmick hits home for him. He is able to tap into his own background and bring the character to life as an extension of his own personality.

"It's pretty much an extension of who I was growing up or what I had to go through and experience," Ortiz said. "It wasn't a cakewalk growing up and I've had a lot of experiences where things could have gone really bad for me. Thankfully, I made the right choices and here I am today."

Ortiz and Santana worked the indies and discussed the difficulties getting booked as a tandem. They struggled, but admittedly their tribulations were an educational asset, therefore "when we finally got the call, we were ready to go," Santana said.

Homicide and Hernandez returned to Impact Wrestling as a pair to initiate a rivalry with Ortiz and Santana where they battled at Slammiversary in a 5150 Street Fight. I asked LAX where their feud with The OGz could go next after such an intense encounter at Slammiversary and their answers left plenty of opportunities for violence.

"Honestly, there's no other place to go than legit, the street," Santana said. "I mean knowing all of our backgrounds, we've all had to come up in some of the worst conditions in New York City in some of the worst neighborhoods. You know we've all experienced some really tough things.

"To me, I don't think a building and a ring is going to be able to contain what we're going to do and what we're about to do. So I think the next step is taking it to the street, legitimately."

Ortiz was quite enthusiastic about wanting to lock LAX's feud with The OGz in a cage. He later commented on how LAX has never experienced a cage match together and also seemed open to the idea of going old-school with a scaffold match.

"I think that's what we should have done with the old LAX. Take it back old-school, do a scaffold match like back in the day."

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