Miz And Mrs. S1 E5 Recap: Baby Puke, Dog Poop, And A New Chateau MarMiz

This is the penultimate episode of the first run of Miz and Mrs., which was just picked up for another 14 episodes by USA Network after it was proven to be a hit.

The couple even went to the MTV VMAs this year, marking the first time that 'The Miz' walked the red -- or, in this case, pink -- carpet in a capacity not for MTV.

But now that baby Monroe Sky is here, the Mizanin family is ready to move to their new home, and their moving escapade is not without its drama.

First, Miz announces that now that his child is here, he's no longer going to keep a tight wallet. Rather, he's now going to be known as 'Spendy Miz,' and he proves it when he rents a tour bus for his new family as they move cross-country from Los Angeles to Texas.

Despite The Miz's newfound generosity, Maryse still had to help pack up the house.

But before they get to their new home in the Lone Star State, Miz has to go fight at WrestleMania. Maryse and Marjo -- the latter in a WrestleMania shirt, because she's all the fashion -- watch from home.

Maryse -- who apparently has Baby Brain -- can't figure out how to adjust the volume on her television, so she calls Miz to whine and complain. Granted, the first time with a new baby can be extremely difficult, but Maryse has lived in her house in Los Angeles for more than 5 years -- she should know how to do this by now.

Maryse's call distresses Miz so much -- or so he says -- that he lost the WrestleMania match. Really, Miz? You're going to be a heel to your wife, now?

But the final goodbye to the house they called home for so many years was bittersweet, and its sweetness was punctuated by Maryse's insistence on sharing it on her Instagram story.

It didn't take long, though, for the goofy Miz and Maryse to come out, and for the next 30 hours of driving, they launched an all-out prank war. From leaving baby diapers in the freezer so they didn't stink up the bus, to the smell that came courtesy of multiple dogs, a cat, a newborn, and multiple people on a confined space on wheels in the span of 30 minutes, The Miz and Maryse were nothing if not a blast.

Everything was going smoothly -- especially when The Miz pulled the "hide in the parking lot in the rest stop and pretend you left your wife behind" prank -- until Miz and Maryse actually left behind the most important person on the trip: Grandma Marjo.

While not funny -- okay, maybe it was a little funny -- it did give us the classic Miz line, "I've been in the ring with The Undertaker, and I've never been this scared."

Here's a pro tip, Miz: next time, make sure that someone is in the bathroom before you peel off without them.

The summer finale of Miz and Mrs. airs next Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. EST on USA Network.


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