More Details On Jim Neidhart Passing Away At Home On Monday, History Of Seizures, Alzheimer's

As noted, WWE Legend Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart passed away at the age of 63 on Monday morning. The former WWE Tag Team Champion reportedly fell at around 6:30am at his home in Florida and passed away not long after the fall.

Neidhart's wife Elizabeth told emergency personnel that her husband collapsed while apparently having a seizure, according to TMZ. Neidhart hit his head when falling.

Elizabeth added that Jim got out of bed after having difficulty sleeping, and went to change the thermostat. Jim went to touch the thermostat and "turned weirdly as if he were about to dance. He then fell towards the wall and ground," the investigation report states.

Elizabeth called 911 because she thought he was having a seizure as he "suffers from seizures and takes medication" for them.

Jim's last seizure was in December 2017 and doctors also believed that he may have had Alzheimer's disease, according to Elizabeth.

Emergency officials arrived at the Neidhart home in Wesley Chapel, Florida and found Jim on the floor with a four inch gash on his face. Investigators found medication at the home but it was noted that "none of the medication appeared to have been abused."


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