Ricochet Talks Vince McMahon Approving His Ring Name, Wrestling Adam Cole Before WWE

Ricochet spoke with the Miami Herald before his upcoming title match against NXT North American Champion Adam Cole at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn. Here are some of the highlights:

Keeping "Ricochet" even after signing with WWE:

"I got to keep it, because I already had the trademark [on it] in the wrestling world. I know it's been trademarked a lot of other places, but within the wrestling world, it hadn't been trademarked; so I had it actually trademarked. They were like, 'OK, well, that's cool. You can just keep it. Really it came down to two things. Whether or not they could trademark it and if Vince [McMahon] liked it or not. So I guess things just fell in line, and I got to keep it, which is awesome to me, because that was like 15 years of me building something that I got to keep and can continue to build upon myself."

How he initially came up with his ring name:

"I had a list of names I wanted to use. Ricochet happened to be one of them, but I really wanted a true name name, like Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole, John Cena. When it came down to the time me and my two friends...our first match was that day, and we really didn't have names, yet. They just came up with some random ones - for the two of them - on the spot, and they were really, really, really bad names, and I didn't want to have a bad name."

Facing Adam Cole before they both signed with WWE:

"We had a match back in like 2008, maybe even earlier, for Evolve and neither one of us was good at all. Then [a few years later] in a couple of six-man tag matches in PWG [Pro Wrestling Guerrilla], it was me and [Will] Ospreay and Matt Sydal versus the Young Bucks and Adam Cole, and then one in Japan, a six-man tag match, but never a singles match, until we got in [NXT]. [The matches] were pretty good. I felt really, really good about them. So now if we can just take some of that and add some mileage to it. ... Adam Cole is a top, top tier talent, so it's cool that I get to get into the ring and share that with a guy I came up with in the industry."

Ricochet also discussed his hometown of Paducah, Kentucky. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.


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