Sound Off Reactions On If Brock Lesnar Will Leave SummerSlam With The WWE Universal Title

Yesterday we asked if you thought Brock Lesnar would remain WWE Universal Champion after next Sunday's SummerSlam and the comments were split. Despite there being somewhat a lack of interest in the match the ending could go a lot of ways.

Those who thought Lesnar would retain is simply due to his upcoming UFC fight where he may also walk out with the Universal Title. Vince McMahon wouldn't want to pass that up. If Lesnar does drop the title, it's most likely not staying with Reigns, but going to either Kevin Owens (most of you picking him) or Braun Strowman with some kind of Paul Heyman turn involved.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:


"Lesnar goes over after Heyman and Lesnar swerve everybody in to thinking there's dissension between them and Brock takes the belt with him to his UFC title fight. It's the smart business thing to do. Putting it on Roman at this point does nothing, leaving it on Brock gets more eyeballs on a WWE champion than anything else. The belt on Lesnar is best for business."

Si Nicholls:

"I think Kevin Owens leaves SummerSlam with the title and then further down the road Roman wins the title off KO. They seem reluctant to have Roman go over Brock so it's the easy way out for them."

rip daniels:

"Probably not. He'll need the four months to prep for DC for the Heavyweight title. He seems pretty keen on getting the UFC belt back so he'll concentrate full time on that."

Flying Scotsman:

"Strowman beats Owens and everyone assumes he'll cash in after the boo-fest main event. A little while later, cameras backstage catch a melee involving Strowman and a hooded figure, ending in Strowman being left down and the briefcase being stolen. Lesnar and Reigns beat each other into the ground and here comes the hooded figure carrying the briefcase. He gets to the ring, hands over the briefcase, takes off the hood...John Cena turns heel while becoming the 17-time champion."

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