WWE NXT Results (8/29): Ricochet And Pete Dunne Team Up Against Undisputed Era, Dakota Kai

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- Backstage, Cathy Kelley speaks with NXT GM William Regal, who says he's officially starting the investigation tonight to find out who attack Aleister Black in the NXT parking lot a few weeks back.

- Mauro Ranallo, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us into tonight's show as Johnny Gargano heads out to the ring, walking with a crutch.

- Gargano heads down to the ring and gets a mic. "You guys have always had my back," Gargano starts out. Crowd with a "Johnny Wrestling" chant. He says right now he doesn't deserve that chant though because he broke a promise to the crowd and made a lot of mistakes lately. He said if he won the title at Brooklyn he would have fixed the problems, but he didn't. He says he doesn't know where goes from here and doesn't know how to make things right. "In Brooklyn, I became Tommaso Ciampa. And he's in my head." Regal's music hits and he heads out to the ring and asks Gargano if he attacked Aleister Black. Gargano responds "look into my eyes, you'll know my answer." He never says yes or no though.

Velveteen Dream's music suddenly hits and says tonight should be about him, the trending topic from Brooklyn. Dream says tonight is not about "Johnny Failure." Gargano didn't appreciate that and said the crutch is just to keep the weight off, but he's ready to go and throws the crutch at Dream. Regal separates them and says they can fight next week.

Dakota Kai vs. Aliyah

They get tied up in the ropes right off the bat, no clean break as she yanks Kai's hair. Kip up by Kai, big kick, double stomp, cover, one-count. Kai tries for a dropkick, but nobody home. Aliyah works the back, grinds Kai's face into the mat, stomps on her back, cover, two. Aliyah whips Kai into the corner, drops down on her, cover, two.

Aliyah with a body scissors in the middle of the ring. Kai is able to stand up and slam her into the corner a couple times. Kai with another kick, hits a few running kicks in the corner, cover, two. Aliyah slams Kai into the mat by the hair, yells at her a bit and taunts the crowd. Kai trips her up and hits her float over backstabber finisher for the victory.

Winner: Dakota Kai via Pinfall

- Regal's office, we see him send off Dream. In comes Wesley Blake, Steve Cutler and Jaxson Ryker. Regal asks them where they were the night of the attacks. Cutler says it's great that Regal finally is noticing them. Blake says they weren't close enough to Black to take him out and told Regal to ask the security guy about where they were during the attack. Regal seems to accept their answer and notes next week they will be in a tag match.

- Backstage, referees found EC3 shaken up after an attack.

- Regal's office, Nikki Cross spins around in her chair and laughs. Regal tries to get her story since she was standing on the roof during Black's attack. She tosses a pencil at the guy sitting next to Regal. Cross says she knows who did it and says the phone is ringing (it didn't ring), she then gets on the phone and talks to nobody. She says she has a secret. Bianca Belair comes in and says she's been waiting outside all day and they are just in here messing around with Cross. Nikki paws at Belair's hair, "Don't touch my hair!" Bianca wants a title shot and suddenly Cross perks up, "I want to play!" Regal acknowledges Belair's request. Cross waves goodbye to Bianca and falls off the table, laughing.

- EC3 vs. Raul Mendoza was scheduled to take place, but the match never starts. Mendoza comes out and then Lars Sullivan heads out to the stage. Sullivan says nobody who gets in his way, he will rip them limb from limb. He tells Mendoza he's in "Lars Sullivan territory" and jumps in the ring. Sullivan with a headbutt and lands some huge blows to the side of Mendoza's head over and over. Sullivan lifts and plants Mendoza down to the mat, hits freak accident, and yells a bit as the crowd boos.

- Backstage, NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa said he made a promise to himself, once he returned from injury he would become the best in NXT. Not only did he crush Gargano, but he won the biggest prize in the industry. He continues that it takes a certain kind of man to claw to the top of the mountain, but it's another story when he builds a nest and makes the top his home. He says, "This is just the beginning, no one will survive what's coming next."

Keith Lee vs. Luke Menzies

Crowd with a couple "Keith Lee!" chants. Menzies with a back elbow and forearm. Lee with some misdirection and hits a hurricanrana. He tries to bask in what he just did but Menzies kicks him in the leg and hits a european uppercut. Lee counters with some huge strikes to the face. Menzies returns fire with some shots of his own. Lee tries for a power slam, avoids Menzies, and hits a pounce on his opponent. Running splash in the corner, big double chop in the corner. Lee lifts Menzies up with ease, nails a powerbomb, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Keith Lee via Pinfall

- Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch return in two weeks.

- Next week: NXT Women's Champion Kairi Sane will be live. Also, Johnny Gargano vs. Velveteen Dream

Ricochet and Pete Dunne vs. Adam Cole and Roderick Strong

Back and forth action early on, Dunne with a big clothesline on Cole, then wrenches away on Cole's finger. Ricochet gets tagged in and Cole quickly backs up to his corner and tags in Strong. Kick blocked by Ricochet, uses his agility to run circles around strong, finishes with a dropkick. "Ricochet!" chant from the crowd. Strong yanks Ricochet into the corner, Cole tags in. Double team move attempted, Ricochet fights them off, neckbreaker sends Strong to the floor. Back and forth strikes between Ricochet and Cole. Rolling clotheslines hit hard, Strong tries to get back in and is sent to the floor.

Blind tag by Strong, who hits a big backbreaker when Ricochet's attention was on Cole. He stomps away on Ricochet in the corner, chop, Ricochet tries to fight back, but drop toe hold brings him down. Cole is back in the match and kicks at Ricochet who just can't get anything going right now. Cole and Strong just go back and forth, continuing to wear down Ricochet. A small window finally opens as Ricochet is able to get to his partner. Dunne kicks away at Strong, back body drop, and a step-up enziguri. He takes out Cole, roundhouse kick on Strong, nails an X-Plex by sending Cole down on his partner, cover, two.

Dunne with a snap german on Strong, sit-out powerbomb, cover, Cole breaks up the pin. Ricochet gets sent out to the floor by Cole. In the ring, Cole tries for a superkick, blocked by Dunne, Ricochet flies back in and drops Cole. Strong drops Ricochet, Cole and Strong end up out on the floor, Dunne hits a moonsault down to the floor taking out Undisputed Era. Ricochet flies, but mistakenly hits Dunne, Ricochet is superkicked on the floor, Dunne thrown back into the ring, Cole hits last shot for the win.

Winner: Adam Cole and Roderick Strong via Pinfall

- Post-match, Ricochet is brought back into the ring and all three members of Undisputed Era take turns on Ricochet. War Raiders' music hits and they head straight to the ring, clearing out Undisputed Era. The two sides stare at each other as the show closes.


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